yet another Sister found through the Deep Pow Connection…and if you don’t know how Sacred the Deep Pow Connection is?
ya’ just ain’t yet livin’ the WF life to her fullest…that is why ilg offers Private Intensives…ilg will take you into the k(Now)…pic by ilg at Wolf Creek (nearly 11,000′) during pow(der) day…

Student JF:

“Oh wow, Steve… I never knew. Your dad sacrificed so much for a better life, even giving up loads of $$. I’m sorry you had to experience that, and amazing that your dad miraculously managed to hold it all together. What a divinely good man he was.

I spent childhood vacations skiing on the Front Range. Coming from a middle class family and an ex-marine dad who is a 6’5″ retired iron worker, life was anything but bliss until skiing in deep pow. I had the mountains in my blood and soul from when I was a child, so the dream of living and raising our children in the mountains became true. I’m forever grateful we’re here.

My mom made me a picture with lyrics from Lucinda Williams’ song called “West” when we moved. I look at it almost everyday.

I sooo appreciate that you give so many free public offerings, lectures, workouts in Durango.  On Tuesday, for your next free snowshoe clinic,  I’ll make a donation. We all can’t work for free. See ya then.”


Precious One!

what a line;

“life was anything but bliss until skiing in deep pow.”…


keeping that one!

filing it!

stealing it!!!

(yes, ilg is a very greedy, feeble yogi when it c(om)es to such profound, spiritually-rich gems like that sentence!)

my Partner, Joy,  is also a daughter of a Marine…

(and an {excerpted} mother)

oh!   why we – as unborn Souls – choose the parents we do!

karmic/samskaric reasons unknown…

until Enlightenment,

and so,

we plow, dance, soar through the sacred snows

getting to know,

fellow sisters and brothers

(like ilg, reFinding you)

along the serpentine

and hopefully


astral line

drawn through our mortal coil…

can’t wait to hug (and share snow time with) you on Tuesday!

head bowed,

feeble ilg, knower of nothing

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