3 Questions to our 2012 Mens Champion and Course Record Holder; Rob Trudeaux…

HP Yogi Rob Trudeaux took all warrior scalps in the 2012 Men’s 10k Open, going back and forth with marathoner Pete Mech until Last Gasp Hill! Yogi RT covered the course in new record time: 56:59. he graciously answered 3 questions before his defense of his Title less than 48 hours before the Start Gun goes…here is what he said:

1)  so, as Overall Champion of last year’s Winter Warrior 10k,   how did you enjoy your Winner’s Wine?

I have thought long a hard about this one.  Perhaps I was totally exhausted after the race……but I do not remember receiving a Winner’s Wine???????

2)  are you planning to defend your title on Saturday?  and if so,  tell us a bit about your training to do so:

Yes, I plan on being there this Saturday.  My training has consisted almost entirely of Nordic skiing with a small amount of running and Jimmy’s cross training classes at the Durango Sports Club.

3) since the Winter Warrior is now a National Qualifier,  let’s say you attend the National Championships in Bend, OR this March and are interviewed by the national media on your certain victory (i mean, you ARE from Durango, after all!).   what would you tell the non-snowshoeing fitness public about snowshoe racing;  you know, all the cyclists and even skiers that scoff at snowshoe training/racing?

I would say that for me personally, variety is one of the most important aspects of my fitness regimen.  Living in Durango affords us the opportunity to participate in a multitude of seasonal sports, snowshoeing being one of them.  Snowshoe racing will test you cardiovascular limits, your balance and ability to remain focused throughout the entire event with the constantly changing and challenging conditions of the course.  Snowshoe training/racing is also much less impactful than road running as the snow provides a nice cushion on knees, hips and ankles.  Ahhhhh!

ilg wishes our Precious 2012 Mens Champion and Course Record Holder all the Highest on Saturday to defend!  he’ll be racing against a STACKED FIELD including at least two National Champions…welcome to local Durango endurance racing!   come up to the Durango Nordic Center and CHEER HIM ON!

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