pic of ilg’s abode from a(nother) lifetime ago…

I’d like to live again in a teepee…perhaps two.

With one dog (wolf-hybrid) again…perhaps two.

One for sleeping, meditating, and being.  The other?  It would be naught but an oversized quiver for my dharma arrows of choice this Precious Time around…y’all probably know of which ilg speaks.  Second teepee – strewn from turquoise-colored hemp – would thus house important arrows such as snowshoes, skis, climbing gear, bikes, fly-rod, and such.

Wouldn’t need a yoga mat nor zafu cushion.  Mother (Earth) all-ways provides just fine.   Nor doth ilg require a cooking teepee…I’ll hunker among the wild grasses when warm and scurry inside during blowing snows.

Brahman’s Daughter, Dewachen Catherine Ilg, whose incarnated Atman flowed through feeble conduit ilg and my Partner over five years ago has force fed an already festering mid-life climax within my own Soul.  Warrior turned Father/Provider has not been an easy transformation for ilg, especially given the fact that each cent i earn must arrive from Dharmic self-created source.  It’s the yogic Way.

I’ll eat udon noodles beneath the crush of stars I once knew so intimately well as a wandering, sponsored climber of rock and ice mountains and frozen falls. I’ll gleefully unplug from my lifetime of public display to brush my teeth (while in yogi squat using my non-dominant hand) with yucca fiber and chew horsetail stalks as dental fitness.  When my daughter does take pilgrimage into my cloud-hidden lofty mountain perch?  She’ll find her daddy serene, weathered,and ready to swoop her up in my strong, capable arms to go fishing or climbing or perhaps just laze about the gramma grasses and serenading pine beings.

Ramakrishna taught me how to get rid of the lower self;

“The blossom vanishes of itself as the fruit grows,so will your lower self vanish as the Divine grows in you.”  Spiritual growth, least as far as ilg can tell after more than a few decades of sweat-based sadhana?  It ‘s a wilder roller-coaster than any found at 6-Flags…every scintillating up is followed by an all-engaging descent that sends even the most stalwart and even-minded Practitioner running back like to their guru, teacher,or m(om)my like a Rez dawg running from yet another kick in the gut.

Yup, ilg would like to forego this outer-worldly life fer sure…

I’d like to live again in a teepee…perhaps two.

With one dog (wolf-hybrid) again…perhaps two.

Yet if I did?  Ultimately?  I’d still just be two-tents (too tense) of a man…a perfect mirror, since there’s nobody here anyWay you look at It All.

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  1. BB says:


    Just what i needed to see and hear today.

    Head bowed,


  2. coach says:

    glad ilg hit your Chi-spot today!

    head bowed,
    spirit vowed,

  3. padma says:


    Sabbe Dhamma Nalam Abinesavaya

  4. coach says:

    Most Precious Pahd!

    Om Ami Dewa Hri!

    { }

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