you damn well know, regardless of age divisions?  if they would do a pull up competition or a suppleness competition after each and every bike race?   your ol’ feeble ilg would be waaaay closer to the top of the podium than my 2nd place today in event #1 of 4 this week during the DWC Championships where ilg is deeply pressed to defend my 2nd place from last year, let alone one up it!  follow me on: www.wholisticfitness.com

Got to the venue in time to register, p;ay, attach bib number to jersey and warm up thoroughly on the course.  felt dialed.  Start Gun goes off…midway through Lap One of Endless Laps for 45 minutes + five,  this guy racing for Champion Systems totally did not know how to carry speed/finess through the corners at 25mph and basically screwed me and several others from the Lead Group of pros through cat 3’s….once you get gapped by even one or two seconds on a course like this one?  you’re hosed.

i knew my main rival in getting the 50+ jersey had made it into the Lead Group… and sure enough…spent the entire rest of the race attempting to bridge back up to my main rival until i heard from the Head Ref;

“Sorry, Steve!   well done!   pull off!”

oooooh.   33 minutes into a 45-minute sufferfest and i get pulled…

i’d have to satisfy myself with a 2nd place and focus on Tuesday’s Mountain Bike Time Trial…of which here is how ilg is planning to attack my far superior opponent…

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4 Responses to “Race Update: Event #1 of 4….DWC Championships”

  1. Leferisen John says:

    Or even a Norwegian-Crunch marathon! No one stronger!

  2. Kit Johaneson says:

    Well done my friend.

  3. padma says:

    well done Rinpo–33 minutes is a loooonog time :)

  4. coach says:

    Warrior Leaf!
    you know it to be true!

    Fit Kit!
    thank you! coulda used your endurance to tow ilg back to the leaders!

    yes…you KNOW it is! however, not long enough!

    tomorrows forecast for Event #2; the MTB TT? RAIN! yeah baby! bring it!

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