May All Beings In All Realms be experiencing a dandy-lion of a day…xoxo, Dewa and Daddy
pic taken today in our backyard (aka: The Never-ending Dandelion Festival)


Do you embrace Dandelions?
Or fight them?

ilg used to pride myself on being King of the Dandelions…just a few years ago, i blogged about this.
Now?  i love having the Dandy-Lions dancing in my yards…i smile every time i see them and shrink
at the recollection of my beheading hundreds of them as though to further the suffering of Bee Suffering…
let alone we now eat them sacredly as precious, fortifying nutrients to our physiology.

the following Dharma took place just a while ago: 

DEWA:  Mommy, something that my Teacher said to me today really bothered me.

AMMA:  Please share, what’s up?

DEWA: Well, she told that i was really good at reading but not so good at sounding out words.

AMMA: (pausing…allowing space…breathing (WF Lifestyle Principle #1)…and how did hearing that make you feel?

DEWA:   Angry and like I’m stupid.

AMMA:  Okay. I hear you. I honor your feeling.  (Breathing so that Dewa can hear her return to Conscious Breathing). But let’s separate your feelings from this for a moment…let’s just put how you feel over here…and now let’s
consider what your teacher said without attaching feelings to it.  To me, it sounds like she gave you a compliment first, and then told
you that you may need to work harder at sounding out your words, right?

DEWA: Right.

AMMA:  Okay, so it sounds like your Teacher really wants you to focus on something that is harder for you right now.  Do you think she is telling you
that to help you and not help you?

DEWA:  Help me.

AMMA:  Hmmmm.  Yes.   That’s what Teachers do;  they find out want we are not so good at and help us, kind of what me and your Daddy do
with people through yoga and fitness, except your Teacher is helping you with your words.  And that’s a good thing, right?

DEWA:  Right.

AMMA:  So, now, let’s return your Feelings to this situation.  (pausing)
Now, how do you feel about what your Teacher said to you?

DEWA:   (contemplating)….better.  Not really angry and I know I’m not really stupid.


in the time between that conversation and now, Dewa has completely stepped up her focus on sounding out her words.


When i came upon this Family M(om)ent, i immediately reflected on how many students quit Wholistic Fitness® and/or my High Performance Yoga® classes because i am not as Gifted a Teacher as is Joy…
Joy knows how to break down mountains into bite-sized pieces appropriate to whomever she is working with, be it a kid or an elder with a health condition.
i wondered how i could break down the immensity of fear which is stored in my student’s tight hips or weak core…yet the only thing that keeps c(om)ing through
feeble ilg is what i did when i was paralyzed and how i’ve managed to help others all these years;
just keep doing the work.

Through my family?
Even numbskull ilg is learning the art of skillful appropriation;
when to be fierce
and when to just let be.

Like dandelions dancing within my yard.

Tonight, as i watched Swifts do their nightly dance before the tapestry of Clouds and above the roaring Ujjayi of the Sacred Animas River
at runoff?
my TAF’s (Thoughts and Feelings) danced as well
from this Family Dharma Teaching…

May It S(om)how help you
as well…

Journeyman ilg

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