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Serving, serving.
Giving, giving.
Dedication, dedication.

having responded to a decidedly unforecasted, Taoist-flow life devoted to Serving Others and my Higher Self through what i call, “Sacred Sweat and Studied Silence,”  i continue to find myself reeling at the wisd(om) of the Wholistic Fitness® (WF) Path which came through me during a particularly fruitful Chakral Experience in 1981.   To this day, thousands beside my feeble self continue to Benefit from the razzle dazzling simplicity and effectiveness of WF.

skill in WF?  not important.
ability in WF?  none needed.
intellectual prowess in WF?  Lord no!
what matters most along this Proven Path of Wholeness?

consistency of Practice.

Practice of the 5 WF Fitness Disciplines.
Practice of the 4 WF Lifestyle Principles.

nothing else matters,   nothing else counts.

if Consistent in Practice?   Awakening happens.

if not Consistent?  Then you fall back Asleep into the chaotic slumber of the Outer World.

what makes our workouts Sacredly Spiritual?   WF.
what dilutes our workouts into a quagmire of confused uselessness, dis-ease, and injuries?   not practicing WF.

Life, as Buddha told us, is as brief as a lightning flash; yet, as Wordsworth said: “The world is too much with us: Getting and spending, we lay waste our powers.” It is that laying waste of our powers—that betrayal of our essence, that abandonment of the miraculous chance that this life, the natural bardo, gives us of knowing and embodying our enlightened nature—that is perhaps the most heartbreaking thing about human life. What the masters are essentially telling us is to stop fooling ourselves: What will we have learned, if at the moment of death we do not know who we really are?

2 Responses to “if Consistent in Practice? Awakening happens.”

  1. Ken Doyle says:

    Dear Steve, I don’t know how many times your teachings hit the nail right on the head. No matter how many times I drift out of WF I keep returning because I have already studied whatever it is during my WH training. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, Kendo

  2. coach says:

    thank YOU for your phone messages and chronic utopian view and Manjushree-like engagement of the WF Practices and Principles throughout these years…

    WF is quite the lofty, rare, and effective Path…

    those of us privy to Her Wisd(om) are inDeed Blessed Beings…until Enlightenment… we Practice…

    Mega Love,

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