those Lupines, those Columbines, those Pink Fairy Slippers!!!
What Divinity!
Even the most measly of wildflower is 10,000x a better yogi than 
feeble ilg!!
So tall!   So full of Unconditional Happiness!

At this m(om)ent, while ilg is busy working in the City
thousand(s) feet lower?
They’re still up there, waaaay up there in their Heavenly Realm
smiling at It All…TRUE YOGIS!!

Such a Blessed Lucky Duck is ilg to witness their Teachings
receive Their Transmission!

if only feeble ilg could Teach and Transmit
Wholeness, Beauty, Endurance, and Radiance
like even the most minuscule of wildflowers!
must keep doing my best,
no matter what…
thank you, Wildflower Beings!”
– from steve ilg’s personal journal
pic by ilg during a Search And Rescue Mission 
airplane-high over Durango, CO on Missionary Ridge


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