13100684_1262736913737062_4782734390606494792_npic of feeble ilg by James Hobby during a spring Time Trial in the ongoing DWC Championships in which ilg sit’s 4th place AG while prioritizing other disciplines outside cycling,  a common trait of Wholistic Fitness® warriors which he has trained since 1981

Things I’ve Learned from Being An Endless Beginner

By coach steve ilg, July 2, 2016

Feeble Ilg once wrote in my TOTAL BODY TRANSFORMATION book, “Knowledge is the information you’ve got; wisd(om) is what you do with it.”

Having been an author of 8 books over 13 languages allows me a few m(om)ents to re-open the very pages of the very books which a few generations have done the same…and you know what?   Ilg is entirely on board with so many of my younger-year thoughts that flowed through the feeble astral conduit known to the outer world as, ‘ilg’…and?

i’m okay with it, cuz?  There is s(om)e very Go(o)d stuff within the myriad pages that i’ve attempted to document the Sacred Line of Sweat and Stillness.   Perhaps the Highest yet of my gen…who knows?  It doesn’t matter.  Instead?  All my words, all my Teachings just dissolves into the Now…the What Is…so, unless you sweated in my yoga class today or joined me for my moutain bike rip up to and down from the Sacred High Peaks of the unc(om)parable San Juan’s?  Well,  you’re probably not gonna git It…

Yet?  ilg will still keep doing my best to bring the Highest to your Highest Spirit…

Beneath Dibe Nitsaá (the Sacred Mountain of the North) today, there are way too many blind and conscious choices being made by way too many blind and unconscious human beings doing things that could hurt you, maim you and even kill you. However, sometimes they don’t kill you, they leave you considerably weaker.

Seems to feeble ilg, like History is gone, unfolded and just a quaint memory recollected from the quivering lips of Elders that we no longer Trust.

Yesterday two of my kiva brothers were trail working on a new trail carved from Mother.  Rich and luscious were our intended lines of descent after climbing from town for 2,000’+…  a shudderingly narrow ridge line juxtaposed between Durango on rider/hiker/runner left and the monument of Sliver Peak on the right…For me, as I looked at the mountain and the sunset as an ongoing rain shivered my shimmering soul with a McLeod in my sweaty hands,  I craved the moment of the future, when i and my daughter could ride together this precious new trail together, beneath the Sacred Peak of the North…THIS is why ilg chooses to build trails…for the generations ahead….for the footfalls of my daughter to dance upon, long after ilg is gone….

ilg is the lucky one, the loco-one, the one who realized that running is enough.  who loved the m(om)ent of feeling the terrain pass beneath my flying feet, the dire need to reach the summit no matter how hard it hurt.  Too many peoplewant something for free – for nothing – well Sacred Sweat doesn’t work that way and neither does life.

We have lost the moment of Inner Surrender when the m(om)ent tells us to STOP, BREATHE, LET GO… instead of the predictable ‘push-through’.

We lose patience and we want the finish to come too soon.  As Mirabal says, “We no longer friend the discipline to delay-gratification, to stick with the plan set in motion and pace ourselves.”

You see,  Wholistic Fitness® strengthens the discipline to remain an Endless Beginner, to all-Ways attack our weaknesses of mind, body, and of spirit.

What is our true strength?

It can only be found from diving into our weakest of weak links.   Maybe for you?  That means NOT running, NOT  cycling,   NOT going to the gym,  NOT going to yoga…and instead?  Just folding your legs and sitting STILL AS CAN BE for 5 minutes… can you DO that?

Where does true strength come from?

Within the refusal to give up when your ego has long ago thrown the towel in.

“Definition of our true strength may never be seen. We are Gods and Goddesses with the capability of great strength,”  Mirabal again.

I’m surrounded by athletes waiting for their next workout with the spiritually devoid intoxication of an alcoholic.   Wake up as early as you can to train for the next Club Ride, Run, or Swim or Whatever. They’ve lose sight of their goal cuz there is are no Dharma Teachers in our spiritual upbringing. Most of our athletes – the contemporary version of our Warriors and Warrioress’s – have zero idea of what the Highest Podium of the Human Race (yeah, wake up, it IS a RACE!) is!

Mirabal:  “Within a blink of an eye, a dark-pathetic-eye, things can get very bleak very quickly.”

When you choose to study Wholistic Fitness® Online…it’s gonna test you like NEVER before…from your Lowest Chakral Attachments toward your Highest…

Just like it has and continues to be for ilg….it’s feeble Conduit…

Living a WF Lifestyle is a chronic series of disappointments and failures.  So is life.  That’s okay.  Such bleak times are necessary; obstacles like spiritual barbells that must be lifted during this crazy life.   Most?  Are made up in our minds.

The granite-hard fact about bec(om)ing more Whole is this; no matter how hard you try, the goal you set for yourself may not be met, but it was pretty damn sweet while we tried along this precious lifetime…

Mirabal:  “Even a poor harvest and a poor run is a beautiful teaching.”

Do your Highest this lifetime,  attack your weaknesses,  harden your soft spots, soften your hard spots…Go For The Whole Shot!!  Let the rest parade behind you…

head bowed,

spirit vowed,

coach steve ilg

{Steve Ilg is an icon of outdoor sport performance and coaching since 1981.  Bodyhealth is honored to have this pioneering force of wholistic training and unmatched multi-sport performance

athlete/book author and coach representing and using our products since 2010.  Discover more at www.WholisticFitness.com)

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