Profound and tranquil, free from complexity,
Uncompounded luminous clarity,
Beyond the mind of conceptual ideas;
This is the depth of the mind of the Victorious Ones.

In this there is not a thing to be removed,
Nor anything that needs to be added.
It is merely the immaculate
Looking naturally at itself.



Still Toeing The Start Lines! Felt solid during yesterday’s 4th Event in the DWC Championships; A Gravel Grinder TT with14.3 miles of gravel and 1,450′ of climbing and dangerous descending that would make any warrior/ess feel like puking black blood, especially on the final ‘endless uphill’ (into a headwind, thank you very much! feeble ilg’s average of 15.4 mph saw me lose the 4th AG podium spot by 6 seconds! Moved into 10th Overall in the Championships and into 4th AG. Haven’t been riding much at all, so, thank you, Wholistic Fitness® for keeping me in the zip code of these amazing Durango cyclists! pics by Sandra Lee.




thank you Jeff Vierling of Tailwind Nutrition and Dr. David Minkoff & Chris Alexander of Bodyhealth supplements…there is no WAY feeble ilg could be holding the top ten of the DWC Championships with so little specific cycling if it weren’t for these world-class nutritional products!

stoked to still be in the same zip code of this hamlet of hell-bent cyclists even without any base miles or much bike riding at all! This town is CRAZY FIT with 50+ cyclists! (remember, Ned is 60!) Geezo!


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