Attending Sunday Service: First Chair at Purgatory. Our Reverend Father Bluebird Sky and Fresh Snow Mother Earth. Hallowed be Their Grace…
Blessed Be Thy Sacred Sweat!


Feeble ilg reckons that i had to learn what it takes to become an author of several (non-self published, but real) books, so too must a skier, runner, dancer, climber, fitness warrior/ess learn the spontaneous freedom of expression after years or decades of grueling, failure-punctuated study. Just as the ‘simple’ grace of a ballet dancer is achieved only with enormous, patient effort, so when we begin to understand where meditation will lead us, we will approach it as the greatest endeavor of our life, one that demands, as my Tibetan Teacher taught me… “the deepest perseverance, enthusiasm, intelligence, and discipline…”

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