Getting ready for my pre-Race (http://navajoyes.org/2017/09/18/2017-chuska-challenge/), 3-minute full body immersion into a -220 degree nitrogen vapor bath at CryoMedSpa! NOTHING fires up our entire 5-Elements* like weekly Chill Sessions! All the pros are doing it, why not You?! Fact: Ilg will be speaking on the myriad benefits of Cryotherapy especially as it relates to Chronic Pain (since ilg is a self-healed paralytic, remember!) on October 10th, 5:30p @ Durango Public Library…and yeah, real men DO wear Tiara’s and clutch Penguin dolls…

remember the horrid, old ‘ice baths’ that your coach made you take when you were an adolescent athlete and suffering through like Osgood-Schlatter’s knee pain?


those ice baths HURT!

for good reason!   they hurt (damage, traumatize) the soft tissues of the inflammed, injured area WITHOUT HELPING!!!

ice baths are NOT COLD ENOUGH…

CryoTherapy Treatments ARE intensely cold enough to trigger several wholistic healing, empowerment responses that categorically upshift ALL of our body’s 17-trillion cells and our 5 Elemental Systems of our precious bodies:
• Reproductive
• T-Cell Immunity
• Respiratory Immunity
• Circulatory
• Digestive

NOTHING in feeble ilg’s lifelong Wholistic Fitness® Practice and Profession has made such a blanket empowerment upon ALL FIVE ELEMENTAL SYSTEMS since Sunrider® Herbs product (which ilg STILL uses and HOPES you are too!):  Liqui-5 or in powder form: Quinary.

INTENSE COLD is a HUGE physical and spiritual factor.  our plane(t)s most intense, intelligent, and enlightenment-producing system c(om)es from the Tibetan Plateau (average elevation?  13,000′).

whereupon nearly all untrained human’s will never regain another human incarnation because of the loss of consciousness filaments during the intensity of cold.

more on October 10th!  see you there!


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