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Bikes n’ Kids, Bikes n’ Kids, Bikes n’ Kids…BULLDOG POWER! Absolutely PROUD of these St. Columba 5th Graders who were STOMPIN’ new skillz and shreddin’ the hallowed Mancos shale singletrack in Test Tracks after 8 hours of academia and before more homework than most other 5th Graders see in a semester

today’s apres school curriculum, week 2 of St. Columba 5th Grade MTB Program as led by Coach Ilg:

•) ride out to Test Tracks with upper class after opening ceremony
•) at Test Track Trailhead (pictured above) separate from elder classmates
•) intro to hallowed, sacred training ground: Test Tracks/Overend Mountain Park;  discuss history of Ned Overend
•) skill set work:  uphill serpentine line drives up ‘The Ditch’ while honoring ‘Ned’s Climb’
•) lecture/discussion: what are intervals?  what do they do for cyclists/endurance athletes
•) interval training:  3 x 30 meter sprints w/ 3-minute recovery
•) snack break w/discussion and clinic re: WHAT GOES INTO A MTB SADDLE PACK
•)  lecture/discussion:  Trail Etiquette
•) group ride up Slime Gulch w/periodic ReGroups
•) clinic:  descending skills; “butt back!”  “Open Inside Hip!”
•) descent to TH  (with spontaneous inner course laps on a slightly technical downhill into an arroyo and back again) while waiting for slower riders.
•) ride back to Campus
•) slaying laps on Fishy (a 30-meter stretch of single track east of the Fish Hatchery and just west of the River Trail)
•) Single Elimination Hill Sprints up Library Hill Variation
kudos to Female Winner: Annie
Male Winner: Ridge

Closing Ceremony at the Park…

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  1. coach says:

    yup… that’s Dewa practicing her One-Legged-Before-My-Daddy-Takes-The-Pic in front row, looker right…

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