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pic by ilg:  ilg’s DREAM TIME!  L-R: Bryn, Dewa, and Iyumi captured 3rd, 4th, and 6th respectively at Saturday’s Colorado State Middle School XC Championships in Denver, Colorado.

it’s been an INCREDIBLE HONOR to coach these Ladies through a season that we had to piecemeal together with a few other dedicated parents from the Western Slope!   these Noble Three took the full force of WAY MORE powerfully-backed Front Range Teams and were even relegated to a Slower Wave, yet,  they ALL bridged up from the Second Wave to the First Wave, erasing the 1-minute head start of the “Faster Wave” within the first 1/4-mile!!!

last year?  Dewa finished 90th in this same race.   it’s all about wise, consistent training, Noble Ones!

it’s all documented on my YouTube Channel !   that’s where all the WF Action, Teachings, and Chi Transmission is happening these days!

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