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pic of your feeble teacher practicing the Ai Imawa Taoist Healing Postures near the Jemez Mountains of New Mexico. These postures, thousands of years old, were Taught to me by Sensei Kaoru Kishiyama in the late seventies and remain one of my most powerful, lifelong healing sources. You can think of Them as a precursor to kata forms like Tai Chi Chuan or any Martial Art.  These postures were, according to Sensei – who was born in Okinawa, Japan – first Taught to kids to heal headaches, stomach aches, insomnia, et. al.  Quite different than modern American parents who often give kids pharmaceuticals to address such issues.
There are 13 Ai Imawa postures which are held statically to develop Chi (inner power/strength) and then performed fluidly to bring out postural elegance, kinesthetic grace, and mindful movement.
This spring, i’ll be doing a Vlog on Them and perhaps an outdoor beginning class if locals are interested.
Stay tuned!
Blessed Be Thy Sacred Sweat and Stillness!
head bowed,
 coach ilg

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