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pic by Bill Galen: your feeble teacher of no-thing using bouldering in Flagstaff, Arizona as another form of Clearing and Empowering spiritual energetic pathways.
Most Noble Sangha!
You probably understand that our muscles fire via neuronal pathways.
Keeping neuronal pathways ‘fit’ for their transmission capacity is achieved by, well, uh, MOVING! You know, exercising? Like yoga, sports, and fitness activities.
What you may not hear much about are our Granthis.
That’s really sad. Cuz?
It’s the health and fitness of our Granthis which dictates and
sets the speed governor for our journey toward Enlightenment.
So Granthis (GRAH-ntheis) is a Sanscrit (think, ‘yogic’)  word which, translated into English?  Hmmmm, that’s a tuff one.  Well,  i’m going with ‘pyschospiritual blockages left over from countless lifetimes.”    Granthis may be blockages yet do not think of them as being ‘bad’… think of them (are three main ones) as Governors for our Kundalini (the all-powerful Divine Life Force within each of us which lays latent in non-Practitioners).   The granthis are also called Brahma, Vishnu and Rudra, since They represent levels of awareness where the power of maya  –  ignorance and attachment to material things –  is especially strong.   Each aspirant must transcend these barriers to make a clear passageway for the ascending Kundalini.   As you may know,  it is only the Kundalini arising which accounts for Enlightenment.
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Brahma Granthi functions in the region of Mooladhara Chakra (think, Mula Bandha abode!) . It implies attachment to physical pleasures, material objects and excessive selfishness. It also implies the ensnaring power of tamas – negativity, lethargy and ignorance.

Vishnu Granthi operates in the region of Anahata Chakra.  It is associated with the bondage of emotional attachment and attachment to people and inner psychic visions. It is connected with rajas – the tendency towards passion, ambition and assertiveness.

Rudra Granthi functions in the region of Ajna Chakra. It is associated with attachment to siddhis  – psychic phenomena and the concept of ourselves as individuals. One must surrender the sense of individual ego and transcend duality to make further spiritual progress.




What is left out of most Granthi discussions is how to cleanse and empower Them.   To Cleanse them?  Use the yogic practice of Tapasaya – which means, ‘to straighten by fire’ and requires inner study to be honest in ferreting out our negative tendencies, habituated patterns and impure thoughts and use Self Discipline to simply ‘straighten them out’ which is an outer manifestation of straightening out our Sushumna – our most powerful Nadic (Nadis are like nerves except they are conduits of Prana instead of electric impulses) which lies in the hollow of our spine (remember Wholistic Fitness® Lifestyle Principle Number 1;  Conscious Breath and Posture?  Yup,  it’s all about Kundalini Arising through a straightened and strengthened Sushumna.


Empowering the Granthis to govern MORE SAFE TRANSMISSION of KUNDALINI?

  1. Daily accurate and progressive Pranayama under the guidance of an experienced spiritual Teacher
lemme know in the C(om)ments below if you’d like more Teaching on this pivotal subject!
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