It is ilg’s immutable, unspeakable joy to share this winter’s first snow in SW Colorado’s high country with my precious MahaShishya’s PY and Raven Sister during the first day of their two-day WF Half-Day Training Camp with me.   i first came into Contact (this lifetime around) with PY and Raven when i lived in Flagstaff, AZ.  These two special souls were among my most devoted HP Yoga™ students when i taught at NAYC.

Within the first couple of photos below, you’ll understand why YOU really need come to America’s most popular outdoor-tourist spot, Durango, Colorado and live the Path with me directly…right here, within the birthplace of WF; the most versatile, authentic Path toward the Highest of all personal fitness summits possible.

of course, this inspirational Teaching is devoted to PY and Raven Sister for being brave enough and willing enough to Take Pilgrimage to the Source!   can’t wait till tomorrow!

2 tourists

two unknown unidentified European tourists atop Molas Pass. this pic and all others below by ilg.

rippin' it

PY leads Raven Sister up a 300′ headwall toward Snowdon Peak at  11,000’…just rippin’ it! Note the superb arm carriage (Thumbs Up, Knee’s Up) demonstrated by Shishya PY!

snow smiling

The smiles are actually inner smiles manifested from simply living the Path, baby!  How beautiful are these two?  How beautiful are YOU!?!

Answer is:   EXTREMELY!!!!!!

engineer peak;1st snow

Engineer Peak (see my YouTube video) as caught by Vishnu through ilg’s camera…


Jura Knob; first snow, 2010. Tele Heaven, upcoming!  this is my current screen saver!  LOVE this shot!


“Sexy Lady Pond” With…


..and the “Sexy Lady” Without…

our trail is on the left…elevation; 11, 311′ with  another run interval of 600′ higher still…

py, r

Love this shot…my precious Shishya’s PY and Raven…two of my most devoted and precious WF Students, taking pilgrimage during the first snow to the birthplace of where it all began…can you begin to  FEEL why it’s so important to study the Path directly from Her Source?!  Right here? These are Bardo Entry M(OM)ents…uh…you tell me…what is MORE important than that?

yogi squat py

Yogi Squat of the Week; Shishya PY.   why, ilg recalls the first few months of Yogini PY coming to my HP Yoga™ classes…her heels could not touch Mother Earth and her knee’s collapsed inward.  the shot above?  PY has cranked off two half-ironman triathlons within the past 6 months, has lost a lifetime or two of bodyfat, and…well…just look at her Yogi Squat in the First Snow.


Because Shishya PY “Just Listens” to her coach and follows the Path..and, there ain’t many Path’s Higher than WF.   trust me.  come, study with me and all the others that See from the Higher Base Camp toward Enlightenment.


i’ll close with this heart-opening shot of Raven Sister…in her elements; wind, sky, earth, water (snow), metal (rock).  How long has it really been since you’ve been so Connected?

WF Half-Day Training Camps…the Highest Deal Ever since 1982.

Om Mani Padme Hung…

tomorrow; i take my Shishya’s into the Iron Temple for a categorically different workout within the plane(t)’s most versatile training path….WF, baby!

head bowed,

your feeble mountain yogi still scoring the First Tracks, baby!  Are you?  I’ll make sure you do!

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