“Zen and the Art of Waxing Nordic Racing Skis” – an injured ilg applying really expensive wax and really heart-based Blessed Mantra into my skis for tomorrows first race of my cherished winter season.

“He who limps, is still walking.” – Nietzsche

Been there?

Then this Teaching is gonna strike your Heart like God’s Love Thundering.

see, my take take tomorrow at 10:00 am on Nietzsche’s arrow?

“He who limps, is still gonna friggin’ ski race, baby!”  –  ilg

and, ilg has Emerson to back up my decision to do my first Winter Race of the 2010/11 Season tomorrow on top of a swollen, sprained, and Lord-Only-Knows-What-Else right knee:

“The best way out is always through.”

i actually wrote that Herculean quote in my first book* and hate to tell you, it pretty much vibes with my Germanic Barbariansim heritage;  that one quote has helped drive me through the Darkest of Valleys (and there have been many as my faithful know) and the Highest of Summits (once again, as my faithful know).

honestly however, me toeing the Start Line tomorrow?   has helped in unspeakably potent ways to heal my knee.  see; let me tell you a Secret of Mountaineering, Sport Performance, Overcoming  Weakness/Imbalance,  Conquering Dis-ease and Injury, and last however, not least, Chi-ld Rearing:  ALWAYS MOVE IN THE DIRECTION YOU WANT TO GO.

if you had seen my right knee one and a half weeks ago,  here is what you…well, actually perhaps not YOU being a WF devotee…however,  here is what many would have (and many did) say:

“Dude, brah…i’m sorry, that thing is gnarly swollen!…here,  i want you to go see my guy;  he is the best {insert any or all of the following; knee doc, PT, naturopath, chiropractor, ortho(pedic) doc, masseuse, structural bodyworker, rolfer}.”

now, one of the GREAT BLESSINGS of a lifetime is to have self healed from a horrific smashed pelvis and spinal paralysis is that you learn gumption with a capital G.  and with that Gumption comes a type of self-resolve that is unflappably confident of conquering ANYTHING!

and i do mean in ALL CAPS:  ANYTHING.

that includes the Bardo….by God!

w day at

another day at the WF Office;  winter version.

the reason for this self confidence however, is nothing save for Ishvara Pradnidhana**  one of the yogic guidelines of which i have Taught you much about over the past decades and is still available for your sincere study in the Archived Teachings.   Surrender to – and love for, the Divinity within.

dat’s precisely what your feeble coach has painfully been doing since this Right Knee Blessing has entered my SweatLodge (body vehicle).  i can’t even BEGIN to tell you how PAINFUL (yet, as Patanjali’s Sutra’s state right up front) and PURIFYING this severely sprained knee has been for me.   WHAT a BLESSING!

just TOEING that Start Line tomorrow? surrounded by so many of my endurance-specific  hero’s and friends?  wow!   just to share the nordic sacred sweat with them is like being in Amitabha’s Dewachen for me!   i mean,  i’m still out there DOING THE DO…sure, i’ll get clobbered tomorrow!

so what!?

just like teaching HP PROP™ Yoga last Wednesday night to 23 of my hero’s and heroine’s in the Sacred Cave without so much as flinching at the pain radiate from my knee…listen to it:


i’ve been paralyzed!

and ilg wants to nordic ski race!

ilg wants to teach yoga!

ilg wants to INSPIRE you and YOU inspire me!

ilg desires only to SERVE and make sure that EACH and EVERY ONE of my Dollars Earned to Support my Family comes from the Highest, Purest Dharmically Driven Way possible…imparting the Path of Navanada Yoga (Wholistic Fitness) – to those High Enough to Hear!
that is what i do.

trees drop leaves.

Father Sky drops snows.

ilg serves the Dharma in the Steepest, most Direct Way possible

and those that are Here Now to receive the oblique Teachings?

well, you tell me:  would you rather the Dharma come to you from some other way?


“Ilg has more podiums in more sports then i have sweat pores. That is why I’ll continue to follow him for as long as I am alive!”  – a lifelong fan, TB.

one more time, cuz i need to drill it into our deepest mind/body/spirit fiber;


Enlightenment Through Sweat and Stillness or BUST = that’s WF!

full race report coming for Members Only tomorrow.

head bowed,

injured ilg toeing the Start Line; Fearlessly Because Of The Bravery Of  YOU!
head bowed and May Go(o)d’s Love Be With You,


* The Outdoor Athlete (Johnson Press, 1985)

**  one of the yogic guidelines of which i have Taught you much about over the past decades and is still available for your sincere study in the Archived Teachings.

coach’s racing expenses each winter reach about $5,000.   coach is a 100% student-sponsored athlete.  if you enjoy and if your Practice benefits from coach getting out there – no matter what – and toeing the Start Line;  please consider if you have not already done so;  a Temple Tithe to support his winter racing.   automatic monthly contributions are deeeeply welcomed!

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  1. Ken Doyle says:


  2. Mike Singer says:

    “Always move in the direction you want to go.” You know what I LOVE about this “quote-worth-quoting?” If you apply it, the whole “Effort not Struggle” thing takes care of itself! There is no effort–or struggle–in mindful movement. Those are both concepts that arise out of THINKING about movement.

    Procrastination always seems to ride on injury like a parasite. The next time I find myself thinking, “I’ll just wait until I feel better,” I’m going to hear your voice: “Always move in the direction you want to go.”

    Then I’ll move–onto the mat, onto the road, into the gym.

    As Albert Einstein put it: “Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving.”

    Great post!

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