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no physio-balls in the WF Temple H(om)e office…instead, a simple wooden chair with legs folded into some conducive energetic form.  i also use the WF Breath and Posture Beeper Guru Teaching to move my mouse into my non-dominant hand (left) for at least five minutes which REALLY, REALLY BUGS ME!!!  WF is all-WAYS in our face when it comes to our habituated patterns which is what genuine Yoga is all about!


A non-formal student in an email asked me (without a polite salutation):

I was looking through total body transformation, and was wondering if you have any references or studies done on the physioball as a chair?  I didn’t see it in the book.




Most Noble Fitness Warrior Jimjm,

thank you for your question…ilg is not aware of any references or studies…however,  ilg has centered his active research on the only research that truly matters in the long run:  Direct Experience.    if you are interested,  here is what i have found…

first thing:  ilg has never, ever been fond of those physioballs.  my toes curled when i needed to include them and thus add to their popularity in my fifth book;  TOTAL BODY TRANSFORMATION.   true;  i used them as chairs when they first came out and i still stand by their biomechanic/physioenergetic positive impact as such.  having said that,  ilg has NEVER been comfortable with the fact that we pollute Father Sky and Mother Earth terribly with their manufacturing and resultant half-life of probably a million years (conservative) in the landfills.  adding insult to injury,  most of them are made in China (no further cOMment).

it has been several years that i, personally, have been on a physio-ball fast.  not a proponent of them at all.  as my own Practice has deepened in wholistic ways,  i’ve found that i cannot bear to sit upon plastic.  my energetic vibration requires grounding through more natural materials.  i have been devotedly and lovingly sitting upon a simple wooden chair with a natural hemp cushion now since before TBT was published.  i suggest doing so for all Conscious Yogis.  as i type this response to you, Noble Seeker Toward Wholeness,  i am perched in a Burmese meditation sitting posture upon my treasured, simple wood chair.   the conductivity of Prana is far more preciously served through the Wood Element of my simple chair than the vastly engineered and toxic plastic of physio-balls.   i do not, nor have i ever, embraced working out on physio-balls either, preferring instead the natural, intuitive, and native movements inherent to living a WF lifestyle.   in fact, my simple wooden sitting chair, is the only furniture i have in my family’s home.  we prefer sitting close as possible to Mother Earth on our hardwood floors…which i most often sleep upon as well.

head bowed toward Wholeness,

coach steve ilg

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  1. Karl Kerschner says:

    Thanks Coach. This is helpful stuff for those of us who spend so many hours at a desk.

    After almost two years of sitting on a physioball, I saw a young woman sit with legs folded on a row chair as we waited for a flight at an airport. I tried it there, liked it and brought the idea home.

    Your use of natural materials certainly strikes a cord.

    Now I’m finding adjustable wooden chairs that could meet my office situation and may make my own cushion of natural materials.
    Meanwhile I am letting go of my regular sitting furniture one room at a time. It’s the only way to get to healthy sitting positions.

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