Conscious Fatherhood;  regardless of the in-wordable effort, sacrifice, and exhaustion can be a most fertile garden in which a human can cultivate compassion, fearlessness, and Divine Motivational Energy.   Conscious Daddies Everywhere:  If we keep our heart open  – even during those frustrating times when we just want to start throwing furniture out the windows – the pain, worry, and effort might just turn out to be our greatest next handholds and footholds toward Enlightenment.   It takes, however, a LOT of everyday Sacred Sweat, Focus, and Surrender.  Mostly surrender.

– coach ilg, father of Dewachen

here is how i spent my day-before-Father’s Day…i have no idea what the girls have planned for me today…enjoy and Blessed be ALL CONSCIOUS PARENTS EVERYWHERE IN ALL REALMS….

dewa, no

8:00 am; “Dewa..make sure you feed the chickens the rice out on the grass…Dewa…no…no…”

dewa, NO!

“oh Dewa…i told you to make sure the rice gets to the yard…Dewa?  Dewa….no, Dewa…i know you like rice but that rice is for the chickens, NO!  don’t eat that…”

dewa, i swear..

“Oh Dewa…”

dodd jones

11:13 am: elevation; 9,530′ on Jones Creek Trail with my chi-ldhood ski team friend, “Lupe.”

pinkerton toward mitchell

After 8 miles of climbing, the climbing still goes on…Pinkerton Tollway Trail heading toward Mitchell Lakes

top of Jones/Mitchell

you can spy the singletrack photo lower left…La Plata’s (with Lewis Peak foremost) grace the background…for over 2 scintillating miles we danced upon our pedals hovering like hummingbirds among the handlebar-high lupines with the Hermosa Creek drainage 3,000′ lower than us on our right, and the Animas River drainage 3,000′ below us on the left…How Blessed is Ilg to still be Here Now!?!?!

thomas nat pic

meanwhile, a few thousand feet lower; my two girls enjoy two tickets to DAY OUT WITH THOMAS THE TRAIN!

FOR THOMAS THE TANK ENGINE FANS:  this is the actual picture that is now the national poster for DAY OUT WITH THOMAS™…leave it to my two girls…

aspen first meet

3:10 pm: upon my return from the higher country,  we visited the Humane Society to possible foster a new member to the ilg clan; this is Aspen…decision to be announced…


4:30 pm: …then, it was to DaddyFest…a yearly celebration of all things rad about Dads and our families which take over 2 downtown blocks of Durango filled with all sorts of family fun…plus;  beer by Carvers Brewery!  how much doth ilg love his h(om)etown??!

Dewa tat

…Dewa shows off her “Kitty Cat tat…rad!”…

Dewa first Chinese

6:00 pm; exhausted via exhilaration… finally,  my two girls and i eat..and it’s another first:  Dewa’s first experience of Chinese cuisine…she LOVED the noodle soup!

ilg meditating drums

As The Girls Sleep: i do some Ritual Bardo Drumming beside the Animas River as i continue to perform Bardo Meditations/Prayers/Visualizations for my own father’s soul…his Atman will be out of the Bardo on July 11th…so, i continue – as his son – to do my feeble best to help his Soul take positive, happy incarnation in the Ways taught to me by my own Teachers…

Blessed be all on this Father’s Day of days…

head bowed,

your loving coach toward wholeness

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  1. Leslie Hutchinson says:

    Dear EC,
    What a lovely post.!!! My eyes and heart are sparkling!!! Well, guess what! I have a puppy – her name is Star and she was found at 7weeks a week ago! a little skeleton on Luepp Road. I brought her around with a little help from my vet. KK is thawing out and Raven (the cat that still lives in the tree adores her) Wrestling and rolling her down the hill – I know – she is gentle about it. Can’t wait to hear about Aspen. LH, KK, SB ( for starbright) Catch up with you soon for another trip around the compass…

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