Mine were eyes, heart, and spirit too feeble to keep track of the astral magnetism of this river/mountain hamlet of priceless high-altitude prana today.  For, within these ‘everyday moments’ which i forced myself out of the Awakened M(om)ent to attempt to capture periodically for you, was a mystical Breath inside a breath, as if each moment lived was a fractured cosmic code embedded upon soul wings on the verge of cracking due to abundance of a magnitude unspeakable. If Buddha Himself masterminded these days paced by our  3-year old Rinpoche?   Enormous shafts of Enlightenment would be quixotically mixed within aspen log jams, pedal strokes along a bike path, and chi-filled music from Native American’s surfing the warm, final rays of Grandfather Sun sliding behind Silver Mountain…enjoy and Blessed Be All…

i’ll be mountain bike racing tomorrow and helping my m(om) down in New Mexico…be back Mo(o)nday…keep your Practice of Wholistic Fitness™ strong, sincere, and fun!

know nothing ilg


bike path

we pick up our Warriors Toward Wholeness along the Bike Path…accompanied by Deer Sister…this was after i enjoyed a deep EMR into a Morning Practice into errands and then some fly fishing along my chi-ldhood stream: Junction Creek…pic by Ananda

bike path 2

note the helmet:  as chi-ldren see…chi-ldren do.   parents lead by example…doesn’t matter if you and i grew up in an era of no helmets…you and i were also NOT throwing down reverse-mute-grabs 900’s in the half-pipe either when we were 13…photo by Ananda on the Animas River Bridge near the fish hatchery

fam bike park

we parked our ‘ponies’ downtown near Alpine Bank where a beautiful and totally free concert was in full swing…

platero band

Platero…remember the name…this is a Native American band (Navajo) whose lead singer is proof of re-incarnation for the deep, harmonic, chi-rich sultry vocals which emanated from this young warrior were absolutely riveting….

daddy dewa dancing

…so Dewa and Daddy just HAD to DANCE the Warrior Dance…

then, it was to Buckley Park where none other than the Cardiac Kids…the Denver Broncos had a festival and autograph signing…over here on the Western Slope, this is BIG TIME for football-starved youth and elders…

dewa football throw

on the football throw challenge,  Dewa focuses…and…

dewa football throw 2

exhales like a CHAMPION into a winning toss!!!

ilg football throw

then, even Daddy picked up the challenge and nailed 2 outta 3…man, i swear the kinesthetic sports are sooo much easier for me than the endurance sports…which is precisely why ilg must remain entrenched in my weaker sports/disciplines…

Vince Lombardi troph

posing behind the Vince Lombardi Trophies…

puggy sign banner

then, signing a Bronco Banner on behalf of my Bronco-crazy yet now just-dead dad; Puggy.   he woulda LOVED to have come to this with his GrandDaughter and Son…next lifetime Dad (which is coming up on July 11th)?  don’t smoke and focus on your Wholistic Fitness™, okay?   you can see the “OM” symbol we drew for Puggy photo left.


by the time we finished the tacos, street dancing, Bronco-mania,  we arrived h(om)e to some lonely chicken beings and a garden that needed water…


…not to mention “Miles” who i’m planning on racing tomorrow over on the east side…

enjoy your weekend and i’ll be back on Mo(o)nday…

Dharma Blessings upon your Sweat, Stillness, and Appropriate Actions in nutrition, word choice, and it All!!!

love beyond the incarnation,


2 Responses to “On Any Given Durango Summer Friday…”

  1. Leslie Hutchinson says:

    I so enjoy your posts of the clan “running around” Durango – and enjoying it all so very much. I find myself grinning from ear to ear as if I was there with you all. All is well in Kinlani – at least no fires – although the cost has been so very high all over the Southwest this spring/summer….Blessings to you and Dewa and Joy – hey did you adopt Aspen??!!! (KK and Star want to know) LH

  2. coach says:

    Precious Yogini LH!!!

    Aspen made it ALL THE WAY until the final hoop: could he co-habitate with a Cat Being (Charlie)…we brought in a Cat Being and…well, let’s just say the relationship between Aspen and Charlie would have been uh, well…dangerous, loud, and not very yogic. oh man….sooooo close! Things Take Time….i’m TAF’ing another year would be ideal for Dewa…i didn’t get Apache until i was 9 and it was perfect….only Brahman knows! we miss you!

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