still pranically high after hanging with Durangos best cyclists during an 80k+ road ride yesterday and finding uh, let’s put it politely, shall we?  “active recovery” in the family yoga of what happened after my ride yesterday…this morning, my Early Morning Ritual Practice alarm (an inward, not external one) went off WAY too early for my ahamkara preferences,  yet, soon enough feeble ilg merged into a Practice and made it up to my Beloved H(om)e Away From H(om)e;  the Durango Nordic Center by 9:00 am to chop wood with other daddy warriors that had chil-dren in the Durango Youth Nordic Club…photo right:  my amazing chi-ldhood brother from Ski Team;  Bruce Wigton…you would not BELIEVE how fast a group of former nordic warriors like me can mow down a mountain of wood into perfect wood-stove logs…guys LOVE single-tasking…trust me,  it’s just one of those things….give us a task, and stay the you-know-what outta our way…especially if the task involves chainsaws, axes, and mallets!

after hand-chopping over 2 cords of wood for the Durango Nordic Center,  i set out to clear a new course for a new addition to my already world-class snowshoe route at the Durango Nordic Center…this new route addition is called, Last Huff Hill…it’s gonna be BEAUTIFULLY BRUTAL for ALL THOSE who snowshoe on my course this winter!  please come!

what ilg loves most about being a WF yogi?
the mind-bending versatility…
as we play in the peletons of cyclists, runners, asana-addicted yogis, skiers, gym rats, you-name-it,

the WF Yogi remains lofted above all…fearless of none, capable of standing side-by-side any sport and/or physiologic specific athlete/warrior..yet,

few are able to tread the versatile terrain which is the very yoga mat of the WF Warrior Yogi!   c’mon,  you won’t believe my day today….

this is Helen,  Director of the Durango Nordic Center,  out in the backwoods clearing brush for our new addition to my Snowshoe Course….please do whatever it takes to get to Durango for my 2nd Annual Winter Warrior 5/10k Snowshoe Race…hard to believe that it’s gonna be even BETTER than last year!   Helen is heaven-sent.  From Eng-land…tough as nails and more energy than an adrenalin-fed whippet.  pro river guide in summer,  nordic priestess in winters…how go(o)d is that!?!?!  may my own daughter be so Blessed!

with calloused palms and soaring heart,  it was time for ilg to take leave from my Nordic Center…hiking back to the nordic lodge,  ilg was struck by this view of Purgatory Ski Area, just across the street from the Nordic Center…a slight lingerie of snow remains on skier right as the flaming aspens flame…

screwed up this pic…

the signage left is supposed to be fully captured;  it reads, Nordic Court, which struck ilg’s heart like so many Om So Ti’s which reverberate within this head-shaking, chi-bump producing vortex of the higher country just north of Durango…

Locals:  name this nordic downhill!

how ’bout dem Aspens, eh?!?!

giving the pranic potency of my hike back to the lodge,  my hike had transformed without restraint into a dawdle…my dawdle found deeper embrace within the nordic center’s lodge, which, today had been instantly transformed by the Durango Nordic Ski Team kids and parents from a horse-riding stable into a veritable ski lodge….

…we even moved in and hooked up the Dr. Suess-like looking stovepipes of the antique wood-burning stove which remains a samskaric groove in my manas from chi-ldhood and one which has even penetrated into the cerebral bhakti grooves of my own daughter….Om So Ti!   we even hung up the kids ski’s and all suddenly felt deeply, sacredly well..

on the drive back to Durango,  ilg suffered another relapse into Aspen Intoxication and pulled the Puggy Buggy over to the side several times to snap insipid pics from the roadside like any another Aspen-intoxicated tourist…and was pleased to do so…

…arriving h(om)e?

my daughter dancing among the body-less skulls of her and Amma’s created Ghoul-Graveyard…

Dewa’s only c(om)ment about Halloween this year?

“Abba?  Why are skeletons always so sad?”

oh…if you’re not scared by our Spooky Tree during the day as you pedal by our casa on the bike path?…

the ilg clan has only 5 words for you:

“Don’t Come Here At Night!”

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