so, this morning, Durango’s entire scholastic and business systems were put on Pause as my friend,  Jake Turner’s vision of a 7-mile long Human Chain running the length of the precious Animas River Trail attempted to manifest…i laced on my inline skates, picked up a cowbell and a camera and met my girls along with 8,000 other Durangatangs who gathered along the sinewy riparian paradise known as the Animas River Trail to honor all of the Trail’s amazing volunteers who helped make it happen…

there was no money spent on this amazing show of local support of self-powered bike, run, walk pathway which bleeds straight through my treasured township like a main artery of warriors….i chose to support this turn out because i use the bike path nearly every day….pleasuring in the fact that i can leave my car stalled in the street….

on photo right is Marilyn Malberg…one of my family’s Durango’s Angels…perhaps, sometime around a campfire during your Private WF Intensive,  i’ll share more about this most amazing being and her husband,  Dutch,  who ‘served’ as my first ever tennis coach many decades ago…

this shot is when i skated headlong into the Official ribbon cutting and sculpture unveiling of the River Trail…note the rad overhanging platform over the sacred Animas River!

This is the Sculpture….a Figure 8 symbol emphasizing water and two humans interlocked in an unabashed gesture of Unity (yoga)….i’m all over it!   and yes,  foreground left is Congressman Brown and to his left,  City Councilor Kelly Hotter who i went to High School with!

Ribbon cutting ceremony…with Durango Mayor and Ft. Lewis College President doing the higher deed!

see my video:   online inline skate video of the Animas River Trail on my personal Facebook page!    i attempted to post it here to no avail…

eat light,

ride a bike,

do your inner practices,


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