waxed Swix® LF8 on top of HF7 from Chama, with a top layer of HF8 for tomorrow’s Langlauf Ski Race…before i was dad? i’d put picture of Norwegian Ski Racers above my waxing table to ‘get psyched’…nowdays? i just place hand-drawn pictures from Dewachen above my waxing table and know that there is no reason to ‘get psyched’…there is only Love of Being Here Now..

pic by Dewachen Catherine Ilg (5). top line reads, “From Dewa To Joy”… Joy Kilpatrick” her Ammaji

2 Responses to “Pre Race Night; Before i was a dad?”

  1. Leferisen John says:

    Yeah Baby!!
    kid CHI…. quite potent!

  2. coach says:

    MahaYogi Warrior Leaf,
    you ‘kid’din’ me??!
    look at the juxtaposition of the upraised arms and the descending tears?!?!
    the cobalt blue (third) eye(s)
    and the brown centered muladhara chakra…
    you TRY to tell feeble ilg that Consciously raised kids don’t already Know It All!
    love along the Daddy Sweat and Drop In Way,

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