pic taken by James Hobby of your feeble Teacher of nothing during tonight’s sufferfest on the B+ ride;  47 miles, 2,000′ of climbing, average speed:  19.7mph,  max speed; 57.3mph.  just another Tuesday Night in Durango!     more at:   http://www.durangoutdoors.com/

my dad – who passed away three years ago last week – was a supremely tough German…stubborn as the day is long.  if young ilg would so much as begin to utter a complaint or whimper about doing yet another one of his regularly assigned 10,000 chores for me?   he’d immediately interrupt my balking tendency to roar (while usually throwing something he had in his one good hand), “Oh for CHRISTS SAKES!!!…FORGET IT…I’LL DO IT MYSELF!!!!  Why don’t you just go inside and cut out paper dolls with your mother!?!?”

suffice to say, ilg has done a lot of chores in my life…and my father, through his Germanic Barbarianistic way,  taught feeble ilg how to suffer in more sports at more elite levels than most of humanity…my Dad taught ilg to suffer.  and that, is a very, very Go(o)d thing…

ilg  prays and trains intensely and steadfastly in both inner and outer ways to turn all my art pieces of outer suffering into another chance at a Higher Incarnation when the mOMent arrives, as it did to my stubborn, precious Dad three years ago (who literally stood and fell through several heart attacks while working at WalMart),  when i cannot – like my dead Dad – take another inhale…

if you are not training for your own Bardo Entry?

what, pray tell, ARE you training for?

contemplate it…and then, tomorrow, either wake up and kick ass, or … go fetal…cut out some paper dolls and drift into mediocrity…doesn’t matter…you’re in charge of this one wild and precious incarnation…

head bowed,

spirit vowed,

sweat often,

go hard,

be soft…

your feeble teacher of nothing

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