last night,  sprained my medial collateral knee ligament, dancing with my daughter before our fireplace,  one WEEK before my first nordic race of the season…aaaargh, the Shiva Teachings of those of us who chose the Advanced Course in Spiritual Training!
coming into my first race of the winter season?  ilg had not felt sooooo strong, so endurrrrrrring,  so….wholistically fit than since my thirties…
and then…
those of us in this Warrior Tribe have had many lifetimes of brutal deaths on the battlefield…upon Enlightenment,  we’ll revisit each one..
during mid-evil times a lot of us whacked out the knees of our enemy – with clubs, axes, swords, (dependent upon the era) – on the battlefield.  we too,
 watched in horror as our own knees were cut off by our ‘enemies’ (who are really are Advanced Teachers).
knees represent our confidence in the forward direction of our life.
for ilg to severely damage a knee?
karma…exhausting karma.
that’s what yogis must embrace when we sign up for the Higher Journey;
we must exhaust our karma,
like the way we must exhaust the impulsion to eat to fulfillment instead of staying hungry as we leave the meal.
little wonder why my Knee Guru went off;    ilg is exhausting a LOT of karma these Kali Yuga days…
• Joy and i have separated for the sake of Wholeness for our daughter’s raising…
• a huge increase in my Healing Body/Energywork for others has depleted my own pranic constitution
• a similar spike in Bardo Entry requests from my students and sangha whose had a Loved One die and wished for 
my Bardo Entry Blessings/Meditations/Soul Guidance/Transmission….each request requires another tremendous energy/time output
from ilg which is often unpaid…
• my spiritual life has recently ramped waaaaay up and
the Deities have pressed the throttle for my own Bardo Entry Training which results in supreme fatigue
point is?
ilg, upon receiving this Inner-Jury to my knee while dancing for my daughter?

* did not go to doctor (for that would be seeking externally during intensity, which really dwindles positive karma)
* did my Early Morning Practice 100% though it took me twice as long due to excruciating pain in my left knee…
ilg skiing
* then, went classic ski training to linearly reset the Connective Tissue before immediately transitioning into:
ilg skiing 3
* skate skiing to laterally reset the Connective Tissue… before immediately transitioning into:
Screen Shot 2013-12-06 at 6.51.42 PM
* 2 runs of tele skiing in -10 degree cold to anticipate, experience the benefit of having to dynamically reset my knee…the “POP” ilg heard during a deep knee drop of one of my tele marks, was a Cosmic Adjustment…
that my Noble Friends?
is called,  Listening,Trusting, and DOING what the Deities prescribe for you…
ilg sits Here Now, in WF Lifestyle Principle #1, typing to you…
my Blessed Knee feels 100% better than last night
that is all,
May It Help,
your feeble Teacher toward Wholeness

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