Noble Sangha….

when i was deeply imbedded in Road Cycling racing,   i was trained by my Elders to “See the Organization…”

what this meant was to realize that elite cycling is like an aerobic/anaerobic chess match…you must – no matter HOW HARD YOU ARE HURTING – keep your (what i have called) HELICOPTER AWARENESS…that is,  you must SEE THE WHOLISTIC (there’s that word again!) PATTERN of the race – whose Teams are orchestrating the pace,  which Teams are about to position their Climber, or  Sprinter, or GC guy…

so….that is why i am soooo stoked to reVisit so many of old Students/Friends/Fans when i sent out my massive email Missive about my reliance upon BODYHEALTH Natural Products over the past several years…here i answer loooong-time Student Dansan’s question which many of you might be asking yourself:



Namah Noble Warrior Dansan!!!


awes(om)e hearing from you!!!



Good morning coache’


Is this a good time for a moment?




• feeble ilg misses your traditional opening of politeness!!!   thank you!!!





And question?


• head bowed…



Has this replaced sunrider products?


• for most of my Tribe?   pretty much.  including myself.   i’m still sometimes (like every third month) doing Liqui-5 and Calli from SR…sometimes, Vitadolphilus and VitaShake….however,  

for the past several years?   i’ve REALLY benefited from this all-American company with whose Dr. i’ve worked closely with to help produce a BEAUTIFUL, empowering line

of natural products that really crank!    also,  Bodyhealth is NOT a MLM, which for many,  is comforting.   

essentially it works like this (i’ve elaborated deeply on this SR/BH on my Teaching Blog into which i don’t know if you are still plugged):


Vitashake  replaced by:  PERFECT AMINO + COMPLETE Multi Vitamin/Mineral + Liver DeTox

Fibertone & Vitadolphilus & Calli/Fortune Delight  replaced by Intestinal Cleanse 

Liqui-5 or QUINARY is effectively taken of by:  Optimal Weight Management Formula (which resets the hormonal system homeopathically)  


what is NOT covered by SR is an answer to the myriad benefits from the oxygenated water of Kaqun Water.  



Thank your time.





•  and PEACE be unto your Atma!!!  

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head bowed,

spirit vowed,


coach steve ilg, cpt/uscf/ryt 500






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