chopping up the Divine Dance of Life (Lila) into “good” or “bad” has never made any spiritual sense to feeble ilg… Life is life…She just flows…we Practice Dharma so that we can Rise High enough, Vibe High enough to hover over all the drama and butchering of Lila at which our unenlightened selves are so adept. That’s why we Sit Still in Meditation, that is why we practice Yoga, that is why we Strength Train, that is why we do Cardio, that is why we balance Cleansing and Empowering Nutrition…for Wholeness Enough to See this precious Incarnation as an astonishingly beautiful opportunity to train for the (human) Race toward Enlightenment for the Sake of All Beings in ALL REALMS! just c(om)mon sense to feeble ilg! people say, “Oh the weather is going to be bad tomorrow!” NO! Weather is WEATHER. Its Avidya (Spiritual Ignorance) that chops up Lila into “bad” and “good.”

pic: feeble ilg in moving meditation/yogasana before a hard climb in Indian Creek Canyon before the entire world found out about Indian Creek Canyon…the list of ilg’s sacred places now crowding ilg out grows by the day…i pray i can still find sacred spaces for my own daughter to run naked among the wolves as was ilg so Blessed in my chi-ldhood.

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