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pic by Ray Dielo of the Silverton Standard (one of the longest running newspapers on Turtle Island!) as i lead out the marquee-names of distance running down historic Blair Street, Silverton, CO last Saturday.


2018 8th Annual Winter Warrior 10k OVERALL RACE CHAMPIONS (thanks to Durango Nordic Club!)

held on Saturday, Feb. 10th at alternate location: Silverton, CO due to lack of snow/liability at Durango Nordic Center.


28 Warriors found their way to my new Start Line at an event that did not exist 78-hours earlier and then raced through blowing snow and sub-freezing temps to monument our most STALWART RACE YET!:

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pic by Charlotte Lenssen (who also handmade the pictured Overall 10k Champions Trophies!) of Feeble Ilg (Race Creator/Director) shown in the Snow Throne,  with new 10K Ladies Champion, Martha Schoppe on my right, and defending and still Men’s 10k Champion, Anthony Kunkel. 


Ladies –
NEW 10k Overall Champion: Martha Schoppe (39) Of Durango in a time of 56.59. A Winter Warrior rookie takes the crown off non-present Kathryn Ross, and revels in her Handmade Snowshoe Trophy by local artist/athleteCharlotte Lenssen and her $600 Champion’s Prize! (not bad for a $25 Entry Fee! Other Race Directors? Are you listening!??!)

Mens DEFENDING CHAMPION DEFENDS! Anthony Kunkel (25) blistered this year’s variable condition terrain in a time of 41.39 to take h(om)e his SECOND Winter Warrior 10k CHAMPIONS PACKAGE. A sponsored ultra runner, G.Anthony Kunkel returns to this race because, “It’s a southwest classic!.”

Ladies –
Rebecca Jones Flinders NEW Champion from Bayfield, CO is a Winter Warrior rookie but got it done NARROWLY by fending off stalwart 45+ Champion,Diane Phillips Thorntonon in a time of 31 minutes!

Mens –
Last year? He finished 2nd Overall…this year? NOTHING was stopping 4x WINTER WARRIOR, 15 Year-Young IAN DODDS from St(om)ping onto the TOP of the 5k Podium in a time of 29:12!

Kidz Snowdash –
Sadly, former 5k Winter Warrioress Champion Dewachen Ilg, as the Kids Race Director had ZERO kids! C’MON PARENTS!!! GET YOUR KIDS OUT ONTO THE SACRED SNOWS! WE HAD LIKE $200 worth of GREAT KIDS PRIZES lined up!!!

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