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Dear Editor,
Our hamlet beneath the Diné Sacred Peak has and is suffering chronic, unmitigated murdering to everything sacred to us few remaining native winter athletes.

How many recall our 3 Nordic Jumps (5m, 10m, 15m), on Chapman Hill? Only land scars and timbers remain.

Purg? Not worthy of the nickname. Please rebrand as “MCP” cuz? Capital is obviously all they care about. 1) They desecrate our hallowed 70m Nordic Jump Hill by making a parking lot of our outrun then name it “Gelande” which the jump was NOT! 2) Uphill Ski Policy which EVERY OTHER Ski Resort has in place and from which benefits? MCP? Zero. Soooo embarrassing. 3) Hespy desecration. No words. I mean, really? Hesperus for the Rest Of Us was the ONLY reason why us (single) parents shell out for Purg season passes, then? MCP pulls the plug on Hespy without ANY refund or apology. Hespy was my HS Alpine and Nordic Training Center. We had a 30m Nordic Jump there and all other XC and Alpine capacities.

Now? Our most historic, most sacred, and America’s STEEPEST tow rope up Chapman Hill is being retired.

Ilg has gained credence among some of our City Leaders who wanted to chop up our sacred Tow Rope and sell it to the new demographic. Ilg suggests – as a creator and builder of our Sky Steps – to return our Tow Rope as a “handrail” alongside our Sky Steps.

Support Ilg’s idea here: Durango P&R; 970-375-7300

steve ilg

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