fact; brain neurons are generated in humans until about 3 years of age. after this time, our brains have about the most neuronal ‘fitness foundation’ as it ever will. as a father of a radiantly healthy 3 year-old Rinpoche, my interest in this physiologic fact has been and remains sincere. in this Teaching i will share with you my two proven WF Pathway ‘arrows’ we use to shoot directly and accurately and extremely cost-effectively into thes root causes of behavioral and mental dis-eases to flip a somatic switch which immediately begins normalization of  such dis-eases and ‘syndromes.’

over the course of this particular lifetime, ilg has seen children and adult mental and behavior ‘disorders’  leap stratospherically. ilg is constantly preaching and walking my talk about regenerative nutrition within my Wholistic Fitness™ path. outside our Path?  the stats are grimmer than a warm halloween:

  • mentally: ADHD, depression, bipolar illness, schizophrenia, and autism are only the front line of a massive and growing peleton of chronically pained two-legged’s…supposedly the latest and greatest of the ‘superior species.’  funny thing: each of these dis-eases have a common root; abnormal neurotransmitter capacity.
  • behaviorally: children with behavioral challenges also share a simple common root; blood sugar regulation.

if any of you have trained directly under me,  you know i don’t like to waste Precious time, words, or energy.  nor here. to wit:

WF Arrow #1: Protein/Amino Acids

our brain (an organ) feasts upon Amino Acids. it needs to because unlike other cells, brain cells can regenerate only within a specialized type of brain cell (Glilia Cells)which supports neuronal fitness. Amino Acids (we use MAP Amino Acids in WF) provide foundational and functional fitness for the molecules which brain cells use (called neurotransmitters) to exchange info with other cells. typical brain cells sends out branches to over 100,000 other brain cells; a kink in this relay equates to dis-eases and other ‘syndromes’ which keep popping up. Children are called chi-ldren because of their chi force. so, Conscious Parenting (especially mOMs) must train wholistically for years before giving birth to optimize the Highest Chi-ld to manifest through them*. And giving birth to a healthy new Soul is just the Start Line. giving the fact that the half life of caffeine and/or alcohol in an infant is five days, you can only imagine what molecular damage is being done to a chi-ld’s chi force if a mOM is breast feeding and drinking caffeine or alcohol while nursing. yet, in Kali Yuga, i and Joy know several mothers who – even some who teach yoga! – think nothing of drinking a glass of wine or having their morning coffee while pregnant or nursing. if caffeine can wreak such havoc, think about the standard 21 or more ‘proven’ vaccinations which are tidally flooding the incredible, pure chi-mist of a new born! and some wonder why dis-eases like autism is linked to vaccination? mothers which do not breast feed and/or have not nourished themselves wisely (including physically and spiritually), eating non-organic foods are sure ways to kink and keep kinking up this subtle and majestic brain cell fitness.

rinpo on train

*Our chi-ldren are not of us, they come through us, as Gibram said.  Our little Rinpoche, on the narrow-gauge “Pumpkin Patch Train” chugging back to Durango after a wonderful mOMent at a secret pumpkin patch festival in the Animas River Valley two weekends ago. photo by Ananda.

what about Amino Acid’s positive influence on behavior? good question. glad you are still paying attention. protein intake is huge not just from healthy cellular regeneration, yet also as a blood sugar buffer. this is, again, pivotal (especially for chi-ldren). meals low in protein and high in carbs invite blood sugar spikes, which of course – well, you know the saying, what goes up must come down. studies that i read continue to prove that kids with behavioral challenges are those ones which have blood sugar regulation challenges…probably stemming from an addiction to junk food passed on to them by….guess whom? yup, UnAwakened Parents which i swear is gonna be my next book if my New Daddyhood ever allows me the time to write one:  UnAwakened Parents;  The Demise Of The American Tribe.   in the meanwhile, please eat and feed thy chi-ldren a breakfast with accurate protein (amino acid intake like MAP and/or Sunrider’s VitaShake™ the main formula in the “Ilg Supreme“), moderate fat, moderate carbs, high in fiber keeps blood sugar levels from roller-coastering.

Arrow #2: Focused Fun

the other way to ensure neurotransmitter health is to, as i say, “Get out and do!”

studies show that people (read; warriors)  that have regularly ridden bicycles throughout their life demonstrated superior neural acuity, hormonal balance, skill control, and memory than the average person.  extrapolation:  the more varied (wholistic) our fitness? the more profound the cellular integrity over the course of our lives.

bottom line to Arrow #2: the more focused fun you can have with your pre-born, new-born, infant, and toddler the likeliness for a far more healthy and whole life than the average person is divinely stronger.

are these too simple of solutions? if so,  simply step off our Path. because, trust me, in the Outer World, the research and poised ‘solutions’ and ‘treatments’ are oceanic, confusing, and extremely expensive. so, ilg TAF’s it wisest to stay right where we are healthiest and most whole: along the WF Path.

Appropriate Action:

  • regularly review or re-read my nutritional guidelines, philosophies, and practices in my books and archived blogs.
  • use the WF Mealtime Guide each day for as many meals you can like we do
  • get on and stay on MAP Amino Acids
  • get on and stay on my 3-Phase Approach to using SUNRIDER Herbs

May All

coach ilg

2 Responses to “Wholistic Brain Nutrition; Healing Mental and Behavioral Dis-eases”

  1. Toby Leeson says:

    man, the whole sugar balance issue is huge. our grocery stores are just filled with “good” stuff to eat, right at the eye level of our kids. then there are the ubiquitous party treats at birthdays, holidays, every kid party. and my kids love sugar-filled foods. if we let them, they’ll eat nothing but white bread stuffs, candy, ice cream, sugar cereals, etc. etc. etc. and even as we limit their intake, the influence to eat more sugar stuff is huge in our society, it comes from everywhere. it’s a constant challenge to maintain balance, even for Dewa and her awakened parents, I am sure.

    my son turns into a maniac with too much sugar, which isn’t much.

  2. coach says:

    Warrior T,
    man, my heart opens for you.
    it’s really, really something horrid about our society, yet it is what it is.
    ilg is sure having more than one chi-ld compounds the challenge immeasurably.
    so far, Dewa doesn’t know the taste of candy…she’s had a couple of encounters, cringed her face and refused it. operative words in above sentence: “so far”….however, each day counts at this point!
    what to do save for leading by example, discipline, and a whole ton of loving forgiveness…

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