Detering cookin padma

Student Detering engaging several WF Practices:  Earned Sustenance, Non-Dominant Hand Technique, Smiling Guru,  Challenge Discomfort, et. al.  Oh like, you think we can’t ALL be inspired by WF Students like Susan?  Sangha?   We NEED your bravery to SHARE what you have found within WF!  photo and chi, courtesy of Student Detering.  Search the Archives for my interview with Susan!

A Monthly Focus Student asks,

El Coache,

Eradicating mindless eating is a daily fight for me. Your advice as to how to control or prevent these episodes would be helpful.

Coach Responds:

Tis a noble battle, which you so Consciously Choose! Therein, lies a first key, Oh High-Minded Warrior! Just by bringing awareness to your mindless eating is an unflappable antidote which thee seeks. Is that too simple? “Just keep bringing Awareness to your mindless eating.” Can you recite that as a pre-mealtime Prayer tomorrow?   hmmm…the Path narrows!

Do you sense the hilariously simple Truth resonating from the Ancient Enlightened Ones?

Clear as a Tibetan tinksha, isn’t it?

If we just keep bringing Awareness to our mindless eating, we become what we ‘think’, right?

That is, we become more Aware of Mindlessness (oh, the ARROGANCE of eating without mindfulness, let alone DEEEEP appreciation!…God, please forgive feeble ilg for sooooo many Unconscious mouthfuls!…and some Students wonder why i refer to myself as ‘feeble yogi ilg’!!!??.

When we grow more Aware of Mindlessness, we actually become what?

That’s right, we become – in essence – more mindful!

What exquisite Divine Play within this Spiritual Journey!

Mindless eating – a direct violation of WF Lifestyle Principle #2 – is also a high sin in terms of spiritual work. Remember about what i Taught you not long ago about the meaning of “sin” within Wholistic Awareness? That it means ‘spiritual laziness’ according to the Buddha? in-deed, Mindless Eating is such a repeated sin of mine, that i created an entire banquet of WF Nutritional Awareness exercises for my (our) spiritual quiver. If you are not, in fact, engaging such stalwart WF Nutritional Awareness exercises such as Rasas Eating Assignment, 3 x 30 Assignment, Earned Sustenance, et. al., then ilg dare-says; Deepen Thy Practice, Noble One!*


before each meal do what Mahatma Gandhi advised and what feeble ilg still does to this day in my Practice;

– Imagine and attempt to FEEL the poorest, most starving, deeply starving child on this plane(t) whenever you feel like eating something and ask thyself, ‘Is what I’m about to eat better left uneaten for the sake of others…even if vibrationally? –

{adjust thy posture, soften thy breath, elegant thy spine, and most of all, take a deeeeep nasal – if not Ujjayi – breath}

ilg prays that these Nutritional beacons laid out before you in the above paragraphs guides each of us Higher…cloud-hidden, far, far above the rest…

oh, and let’s pray for a Trickle Down effect to flow into WF  from all the Crossfit™-types  and studio yogis now entering their pubescence in the Sacred Sweat Realm.  forgive them,  for they do not yet See what you and i revel in each glorious day that we are Here Now along the 35 year-old Path of WF.

oh yeah,   and  thank YOU for choosing to Be Here Now,

{ }

*Come into the WF SanghaLounge, ask me questions there for the Benefit of others as well. Your Membership pays for my time spent with you in the SanghaLounge, now out of earshot of the many who kept thieving our Temple’s techniques, principles, and philosophies. Now, with our Membership Only status, you and i can truly share for ilg now breathes more freedom into our Relationship, secured within our Astral Temple Walls.

4 Responses to “Eradicating mindless eating”

  1. Kevin Burnett says:


    Thank you for this. Definitely an area that I am devoting more attention to each and every day.

  2. Sandra Lee says:

    thank u for this.

  3. Sandra Lee says:

    liking this photo and I need to read this teaching again and again

  4. coach says:

    Precious Yogini Sandra Lee!
    and thank YOU for re-Minding ilg about this Teaching! that’s how a Sangha helps each other! returning us time and time again to the basic Teachings! thank you!

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