ai imawa to kids

ilg transformed into “The Tai Chi Guy” demonstrates this morning the Ai Imawa postures for my daughter’s “Arts & Movement Class”.  note:  yup, that would be my daughter…my precious Rinpoche crawling like a cockroach AWAY from her daddy’s demonstration…

Okay, how Blessed is our Precious Path?
ilg shall tell Thee who choose to Listen With Faith:

ai imawa

“East/West Posture” of the Ai Imawa Taoist Yoga postures, as i demo’d for the kids this morning…

this morning’s Brahmamahurhti? i get to teach “Tai Chi” to my daughters 3-5 year-old’s “Arts and Movement Class” which is really just a demo of Ai Imawa and then an ad lib of my love for my Sensei Kishiyama…even the local newspaper turned out to watch our little Taoist ‘sesh’!

ai imawa kids

with the BuddhaOnes, outside where we felt Mother Earth, breathed Father Sky,  saluted to Grandfather Sun, and hip, hip, HOORAYED to a fading Grandmother Moon over Hogsback Hill…note how Dewachen insisted on being “Daddy’s Assistant”…precious…

ai imawa d and d

Daddy teaching “Touching Soul of  Tree Posture” to Dewachen.  of course, Dewa then insisted upon getting a little private Ai Imawa sesh with Daddy…the woman knows how to get under the ‘velvet rope’ i must say…note her focus…i can only bow in Tomodaichi…

then…this evening’s Brahmamahurhti? i do a 6/6/6-mile mtb/run duathlon up my chi-ldhood hood of Junction Creek/Colorado Trail…

regardless of how STEEP, of how DIRECT is this Path of Transformation?  we MUST continue placing one foot in front of the other…ever upward,  ever inward,  ever Go(o)dward…if feeble ilg is still doing it…i KNOW you can…let’s Begin Again tomorrow…and if we fall?  Begin Again, and Again…and Endlessly Again until Enlightenment…

head bowed,


great pics by Ananda! Thank you!

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  1. Karl Kerschner says:

    Re-minding him of the velvet rope,
    Dispelling it illusory effects,
    Re-mind-ing him of its cause,
    What a blessing is Dewachen to Daddy.
    And to Mommy too.

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