high mt. hurl

High Mountain Hurl…end of the first set of 2 x 5 sets of 40″ MTB Hill Repeats into 30″ Jump Squats…at 12,300’…

oh there’s Pilates, there’s Kettleballs, there is “power yoga” taught by low-landers…however, when it comes to Wholistic Yoga?  there is still only one ilg – at nearly 50 years old – willing to puke black blood since 1981 just to Rise Higher Within…Toward Wholeness…Toward genuine Union with the Divine;  aka; Yoga.

come on…let’s share my workout today…

autumn bouquet

yet…first, please allow feeble ilg to present Noble Thee with this autumnesque bouquet..


along the 27 minute Zone 3 warm up…all above timberline…

san juans

ilg loves September;  all Mountain Yogis, if they practice Satya, must bow before a slight favortism (yogis are trained in non-duality; no favorites) toward the lyrical dance of death which comes in September with such soaring beauty….

san juans 2

north from my Hill Repeat/Jump Squat puja…

san juans 3

looking east from my Hill Repeat/Jump Squat puja…

jump squat btm

as if 2 sets of 5x:40″ Hill Repeats over 12,000′ weren’t enough?  ilg attempts to puke black blood by superimposing the stalwart plyo move of WF since 1982; Jump Squats (in MTB shoes) at the conclusion of each repeat…WF is no joke. Shown above; bottom position of Jump Squat with Heart Rate still vibrating at probably close to 185 bpm…please note my attempt to maintain flat, elegant spine even though i’m seeing cross-eyed at this point…

jump squat top

…Top Position of Jump Squat after (i think) my 7th of 10 40″ Hill Repeats within the pranic embrace of the high mountain altar…if you think your vertical leap is higher than mine;  come, share this workout of mine with me…we’ll see if you can even get airspace beneath your feet after the 3rd interval!  i mean, really…yogi..how baaaad are you willing to win the Race Toward Enlightenment?   it better be way more than mine,  and i train pretty dang hard!


love this shot…total Bardo after like Hill Repeat/Jump Squat superset #9…if there remains a Human Consciousness filament at this point?  you ain’t nothing but a crying baby calling out in pain for your m(om)my!
the Path works,  however,  you gotta Work the Path!  without Excuses!!!!

exceptional anaerobic effort in the High Country edges one very close to the throne of the Mountain Gods;  Enlightenment potentiation in action.


Driving south back h(om)e toward Durango…wondering if my Noble Effort to continue walking, cycling, Jump Squatting, and endlessly Teaching by way of self-shot photos and heart-written texts will in any way continue to contribute to your own majestic Rise Higher…

train hard, breathe soft…

your coach from the high helm toward wholeness

3 Responses to “2.5 mile high club; MTB Hill Repeats/Jump Squats Workout…”

  1. Brad Gantt says:


    Love it! I have done jump squats, standing broad jumps and single leg jumps after running hill repeats, prompting a hiker to exclaim, “You’re nuts!” The real look of disbelief comes when you head down to the bottom and do it all over again.


  2. coach says:

    anymore, it’s kinda like NOT DOING something weird after a Hill Repeat is like, well, like Calli Tea without the Sunny Dew…there is just something missing that is really, really important!

  3. suprana /\ says:

    love it! Om So Ti coach x

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