ilg’s parenting technique is pretty Taoist, really…

all-Ways let your chi-ld;

  • Lead
  • Set the agenda
  • Feel

my Sva-Dharma* as ‘Dad’?

  • Follow with compassion, listening, spaciousness before replying, and respond within empathy
  • Monitor the Dewa-set agenda for safety, spiritual lessons, and to maximize the fun and focus
  • Feel

some other pics from our Clan Day In The Fresh, Beautiful, Empowering Snow…

as you may have assumed, Durango was recently Blessed by Father (Sky) in receipt of over a foot of snow up at the Durango Nordic Center, about 25 mantra-and-grateful minutes away from our front door in the Beyond Beauty Bubble known as Durango…so, we made a Clan Trip up to the “Medium Country” as Dewa calls it (opposed to, as any 4 year-old certainly should know; the “High Country.”) pictured above is ‘Dewa Mountain’  (aka; Chipmunk Hill) at the Durango Nordic Center…i’ve lost count of how many Olympic and World and National Nordic Champions have cut their teeth as kids sledding and skiing on this same hill…here, i wait for Dewa to make the climb to the summit...(part of the training, as my visiting Private Intensive and Sacred Pilgrimage students can verify.)

initial Dewa solo sled run…the key to making a killer fun luge-style sled run, which surprisingly most kids these days don’t or can’t (sadly) do,  is that you GOTTA HAVE DADDY (or mommy) sit in the sled with you for the initial slogfest through the thick deep snow…this is what creates the deep groove which later creates mach-5 speed and compression corners for your chi-ld…here, you can already begin to see the luge-tube take shape…

…and of course, you gotta climb up the mountain again, and again, and – you’ve parented well? – Endlessly Again!  this side-by-side effort up the hill makes all parents and their chi-ldren One…the breathful, repeated efforts will all-Ways unite…as the saying goes, “Hills make all men Brothers.”… Feeble ilg reckons that if the United Nations Summit included Hill Repeats into HP Yoga® on Day One of the ‘Summit’?  our World Challenges would diminish virtually overnight.  Sacred Sweat does the strangest, Highest things upon humans who choose – or are inspired – to Sweat…   Conscious Parenting note:  see how i repeatedly ‘come down from the summit’ to hike back up beside my daughter?  ilg will leave the metaphysics of that sentence to your own vidya.

coach ilg, in uh…typical coaching posture.  emotionless face.  strong posture.  this is how my coach’s Zen teachers, and other mentors taughtme.    having said that,  although, in this instance, every fiber within me fights to scream and shout with overzealous cheers for my daughter…however,  after measuring out a dosage of such cheer,  it’s important for Conscious Parents to pull back the reins on the instant gratification of affection and spoils upon our chi-ldren…not doing so creates a monster of unattainable parental applause in later years.

in this pic, you can see several  important Conscious Parenting (have you Sensed the way ilg continues to spell out Conscious Parenting instead of quickly – aka; lazily – abbreviating it to say, “CP”…there is tremendous, fundamental spiritual/personal growth to such Mindfulness -aka; WF Lifestyle Principle #2)  techniques;

  1. the luge the run is becoming more embedded;  more embedded =  more fun
    (i mean,  TAF about it;  anytime you’ve been more in-bedded with a fun partner, isn’t it waaay better? same thing with sledding with your kid…even Higher!)
  2. Dewa is facing feet – not head – first.   there ain’t nothing worse than a kid’s sledding ‘accident’…like a stick through the upper palate…
  3. though i have flung Dewa down the luge tube at mach five speed,  i still maintain eye-to-eye, belly-to-belly contact…in yoga this is  Ajna-to-Ajna and Manipura-to-Manipura energetic connection during Heightened Intensity…this is the type of astral/cellular Connection that a chi-lds reMembers which and Relies Upon in future decades…
  4. do you know what you call a sledding luge-run that Dewachen continues to insist upon “one more time, Daddy?”
  5. answer: A  Deh-Luge!

after the nick-named, Deh-luge became mature,  i had to station Ammaji at the bottom of the run, to make sure our Daughter didn’t fire straight into the lake!  FUN!!!

of course, you gotta let M(om) have a Deh-luge of her own!  A sledding =M(om) is a happy mom!

after an hour of sledding/luge,  it was Dewachen who said,
“Yes, Daughter?”
“I think it’s time to go skiing.”
“I think you’re right…LET’S GO GET OUR SKIS!!!”

and…we did…

Fortunately,  we have a M(om) who understands the importance of setting a cross-country ski track for her daughter and husband while they are sledding/luging…

we skied until the hot chocolate at home called too powerfully to resist…
and Life was as Go(o)d as Go(o)d can Be…
because Father Sky graced us with early season Sacred Snow!!!

Daddy chopped and stacked some wood…
doing the work of five young men,
in probably the equal (if not less) time…
dat’s just the Way we WF Daddies roll…
waaaay Higher and Fitter
then the rest…

having said that?

my lower back is really wondering how the hec i’m gonna teach yoga tomorrow…
that’s just the Way
it’s all-Ways been
from this feeble Server of the Sacred Sweat and Immutable Stillness…

head bowed,

*Sva-Dharma* – Sacred Duty

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