(all pics and sweat from Love for your own Practice by ilg)

Most Noble Sangha…

dat’s right…New Old Daddy El Coache is still calling y0u out…
do YOU have what it takes to faithfully train for and cOMplete what i consider the most Sacred of my Three WF Sacred Sweat Pilgrimages:  the Mt. Taylor Winter Quadrathlon?

“Dearest Coach…” you may well be thinking, “that crazy long-time standard test piece of WF isn’t until FEBRUARY!   why speak of it before August!?!”

For ilg?  Mt. Taylor begins right here…on the spongy track and field of my alma mater;  Miller Jr. High School….my churchyard of a thousand sacred sweats…for this former paralyzed yogi?   today marked the beginning of my run training to perhaps complete,  maybe even cOMpete toward another podium in February’s Mt. Taylor Winter Quadrathlon…will YOU join me?    if you think you have Endurance?   if you consider yourself a yogi?  C(om)e,  toe this Start Line – solo – with me this Feb….think you’re “cross-fit”?  okay…c’mon…throw down THIS 3 decade-long Test Piece of WF and join the esteemed ranks of other WF Warriors who’ve accomplished it:  Fit Kit,  Padma,  Yogi Jut, Yogi bRad, Flex Armstrong, and perhaps one or two more WF Students that have taken Sacred Pilgrimage to cOMplete this race as a soloist.

Because, for spinal paralyzed ilg?   my steadfast training toward the faithful, devotional cOMpletion of Mt. Taylor Winter Quadrathlon begins for this feeble mountain yogi in August…and yes, ilg is a wee bit stoked at age 50 to take Sacred Solo Pilgrimage to this venue of the Mystic Mountain Gods of Native Turtle Island…even though i’ve raced this 75-kilometer, 4-sport event since the seventies…why?  because this race pivots upon gnarly run fitness…and running is one thing, this former ultra-marathoner of days gone by,  requires supra exceptional Awareness to mitigate the concussion upon my broken back and smashed pelvis….so,  ilg Begins Again, and Again, and Endlessly Again to re-learn how to run upon my precious albeit fractured body….

Mt. Taylor Wholistic Workout Track & Field Session;  First Workout – late July

1)   Run:   one mile in under 7 minutes.

my time this morning:  6:55.   what can ilg say?  i don’t know much,  yet pacing?   ilg knows how to pace.

2)  Jump Squats:   3 x Staccato Technique w/ 5 x the Tribal Mantra as recovery
(and if you don’t know what Staccato Technique and the Tribal Mantra is by now?    you best just sign up under Jillian Michaels or CrossFit or whatever ugly else is out there these days, because, obviously, you’ve NOT done your WF h(om)ework!

3)  Run another Mile…negative split required.  you MUST run your second mile faster than your opening mile.

mine, this morning was 6:12….

4)   Perform 2 sets of 30 second (each leg) Split Jumps into 1 45-second set of Scissor Jumps

if you don’t know the difference between Split and Scissor Jumps?   then it tells feeble ilg one or two of two possible things:
1) you haven’t read my books, and/or:
2) you haven’t been taking my HP Yoga™  PROP WORKOUT Classes (in person or via DVD)

5)   Perform Stair Running Plyometrics…

1st set:   run as fast as you can, bounding up at least 50 meters of stairs

2nd set:   hop on one leg each stair for half the ascent,  the other leg for the other half of ascent

3rd set:  ricochets (see my books/Teachings Archives for description)

4th set:  Jump Lunges;  jump from one step to the third or fourth step higher and repeat until the top

5th set: Calf Bouncies;  bounce off your toes from one step to the next until the top

6)   Run your final mile faster than the first two…ON PRE-FATIGUED lungs, legs, and core!

and if you are not like your feeble Coach in the ‘Death Crouch’ pic above by the end of this final mile?   you did NOT hammer hard enough!

Blessed be your Wholistic Life…need Guidance?

just Knock…ilg is Here Now,  ready to Serve…

wanna contribute to my podium possibilities for an unmatched Mt. Taylor effort this Feb?  Daddy ilg desperately needs your bucks!  contribute HERE!

head bowed from a sweat brow,

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8 Responses to “my next Mt. Taylor podium starts NOW! my 6-step Wholistic Track & Field Workout Prescription this morning….”

  1. Leferisen John says:

    yeah baby!
    ain’t so bad!

  2. coach says:

    Warrior Leaf…

    head bowed,

  3. coach says:

    Noble Sangha,
    just a few of the many things ilg loves about my chosen track is:
    •) i studied under Teacher LaPlatt
    •) the Frog emblem is classic Buddhism, often associated directly with the Buddha; it’s Medicine is Cleansing/Purfication
    •) there is hardly anyone ever there…just ilg, Frog Medicine, and the great Abyss Within to dance…


  4. Leferisen John says:

    don’t mean to be selfish or imply, so please excuse……
    but that’s our coach!!!!!
    doing the do!!!!

  5. /suprana\ says:

    *like* :))

    head bowed /\

  6. /suprana\ says:

    and ilg, if they’ll let me into the country, i’m up for it!

  7. coach says:

    Warrior Leaf!
    …while STILL ATTEMPTING to be(cOMe) the doing!

    love, sweat, and intervals,

  8. coach says:

    Most Precious Suprana!
    you were BORN to be UP for It!!!!
    whatever It Is!!!

    your Light enlightens our Tribe,

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