pic of Rinpoche Dewachen in Vrkasana (Tree Pose) by Aunt Missie during our recent vaca in Ft. Lauderdale.

Quote of the Day goes to Dewachen Catherine Ilg who came hOMe from kindergarten saying, “i realized today in school that what i think in my mind may not be real.”

dharma backstory:

Dewa has confided to Joy and i (though we’ve been Sensing it for months) that she is REALLY not diggin’ public school and that she sees herself as the “runt of the litter.”  Dewa is in the Shared Schooling program here in Durango whereupon she gets hOMeschooled on Monday and attends public school – kindergarten- on Tuesdays and Thursdays -half days only for her.  True up;   Dewa is by far the youngest in her class.  Academically?  Dewa is way beyond par even among her much older classmates (some of which are nearly 9 months older than her).   Yet, as Conscious Parents know,  9 months in a female 5 year-old’s life might as well be 2-3 lifetimes younger.  ilg qualifies female in preceding sentence because – trust me on this one – little girls mature socially/emotionally at hyperspeed compared to little boys.  Extremely complex relationship innuendos in actions, words, and behind-your-back gossip run rampant among kindergarten girls…whereas the kindergarten guys?   Uh,  they’re just concerned about smashing the crap outta bugs and things…(and some guys never outgrow this desire to squash things; be it other countries, people, laws, etc.)

Thus;  Ananda and ilg are discussing keeping Dewa back in kindergarten another year…

What do you TAF?

A and ilg would cherish your input from experienced Conscious Parents in our Tribe!   Personally?  ilg is all for keeping her back.  next year, she’d know what it feels like to be the oldest, most experienced student in kindergarten and that type of confidence (as opposed to chronically feeling the sense of being ‘the runt of litter’ over her years ahead) feels to ilg to be a much wiser parenting choice…

is ilg off base here?

let me know your TAF’s!

and THANK YOU for choosing to be Here Now in our Shared Journey!

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  1. Leferisen John says:

    No prob on keeping her in kindergarten again i say.
    i TAF that if a parent decides to retain their child in the same grade for the following year it’s best done from the get go. If he or she repeats a grade….. say like 3rd….. there may be some emotional despair experienced by the child.
    Also….. if she feels like the “runt of the litter” and waits another year with more experience – more arrows in her quiver – then she could possibly help others to adjust. Others in her class experiencing the “runt of the litter” funk.

    May this be helpful….
    dine’ from the Irons

  2. coach says:

    Most Precious Warrior Leaf,

    ilg has Heard you among the cedar smoke in our kiva….THANK YOU!!! that means a TON cOMing from such an amazingly conscious father as you!

    head bowed,
    spirit vowed,
    { }

  3. Leslie Hutchinson says:

    Hello Steve and Joy,
    Well, kind-of a complex situation. I can appreciate your “what’s the most important thing here” (Suzuki Roshi). Here’s my thought – As a September kid – when I was in the beginning of school ALL of us started school the following year – for the reasons you brought forth. I have to say that, in a weird way, I always felt a bit older than everyone else, and that created its own out of sync thing later on. Like being 18 when I graduated.

    My hunch is that Dewa would be ok either way – Next year ,is well, next year. Seems that Dewa is adjusting to, well, the bigger world and is kind-of seeing herself in relation to other kids – probably one of the situations that arise for one kid families. Does she enjoy school for the most part? Does she come home happy and excited? Does she enjoy the other kids? ( I’m sure that you have explored there questions….) Seems that the part-time home school and part time public school could contribute to feeling of being a bit out of sync for Dewa. Just a thought.

    Making the decision for Dewa to take kindergarten again probably wouldn’t make a difference in the long view. I agree with Leaf that this is the time to do it as long a Dewa gets it that this in not a negative thing.

    And of course, she might find !st grade a lot of fun and take it in stride.


  4. coach says:

    Most Precious Yogini LH!
    awesOMe input and sharing! THANK YOU!!!
    ilg loves my Tribe!

    head bowed in gratitude,

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