feeble ilg could NOT be more (yogically) ‘proud’ of our precious daughter…who KILLED IT on stage tonight at Ft. Lewis in a crowd-going-crazy rendition of “Music Box Dancers”…Dewachen? Daddy was in tears of joy flowing from my spiritual heart! You got your momma’s stage skills for sure…

definitely my Heart Hit shot from the day…Dewachen, soooo stoked on post-performance adrenalin…dancing across the ‘threshold’ of a BIG MOMENT in her young life, ready to dance into her Light-filled future…Dewa; May You All-Ways Dance The Blessed Way Higher…love you!

time to PAHHHHR TEEEEEE~~~~!!!
L-R backstage at Fort Lewis theatre post-performance; Nana Ilg (who drove 7 hours in a rental car at age 83 to be SURE not to miss her GrandDaugther’s first Dance Performance), Dancer Dewa, Feeble Ilg, Joy Kilpatrick

L-R: post performance in Grandfather’s setting rays…the World’s Most Amazing Mother, Joy Kilpatrick, Nana Ilg, and a flower-embedded Dancer Dewachen…These are the M(OM)ents…

3 Responses to “Dewa’s Got Her M(om)’s Stage Skillset Fer SURE: She KILLED IT on-stage at 5!”

  1. Ken Doyle says:

    Dear Steve, This made my day. Great to see the LOVE of the family. LOVE, Kendo

  2. coach says:

    Most Precious and Stalwart Supporter of the WF Path KenDO!!!

    if feeble ilg can make one person’s day!?!??!
    has been an incarnation devoutly to be wished!

    Big LOVE,
    { }

  3. Leslie Hutchinson says:

    to the ILg clan, Thank you, so very much, for passing the energy baton through the delightful pictures. “This” was the antidote to the Monday morning NPR report. A humble bow in gratitude to the Ilg clan. ( such a delight to see your mom – I am glad that she was able to make the trip!) LH and k-9 clan

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