Last weekend i took my girls to one of my most sacred vortices in the SW; the High Priest Hangout of the Ancient Ones (aka; Chimney Rock…now a National Monument)…some of you will recollect the picture of a naked (and much younger) ilg standing beneath these sacred spires in my first book, THE OUTDOOR ATHLETE  others of you might even recall when i created a half-marathon race from Lake Capote up to these Anasazi ruins and back again which i called, “Run To The Ruins” when i lived in Pagosa Springs, CO…well, times have changed, and now my ‘personal meditation space’ in the Great Kiva along with the rest of the ridge top ruins is a National Monument!   we attended a Tour and then a festival last weekend where we all got to make rock art, pottery, learn how to throw an aytlyl (awesome!), and perhaps best of all, eat Frybread!    here are some pics and the dharma to with it…


What’s a gyrl to do with the discovery of a molted Rattlesnake skin? Well, if you’re Dewa the answer is simple; Dance with it!  Snake Medicine…
“Snake…come crawling,
There’s fire in your eyes.
Bite me, excite me,  
I’ll learn to Realize,

The poison transmuted,
Brings eternal flame.
Open me to heaven,
To Heal me again…”

Slithering within the tall, unkempt grasses of our unawakened energies within, Snake Medicine is Transmutation and says to hell with “gluten free,” and all the other
namby-pamby fear-based nutritional non-sense!
Learn to eat poison and spit it into the mouths of your own fire-breathing dragons!
Rise Higher!

Bec(om)e your own Wizard, Warrior, and Enchanter!!!
How have you become so feeble!??!
Wake up and BITE back at mediocrity!!!


Dewa and Amma ( Joy Kilpatrick ) grinding corn in an ancient Mataté…awes(om)e lower back opener…any wonder that our ‘modern civilization’ which has removed itself so far from functional fitness for everyday tasks and nature suffers from so many dis-eases of body, mind, and spirit? it’s no wonder to me, in fact, it’s embarrassing how soft and weak our species has become due to an ever growing addiction to comfort…


Blessed be your Daily Sweat and Seek Out Difficulty, Not Comfort!

head bowed, your feeble teacher of nothing

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