above pic; Dewa Ilg experiencing one of her daddy’s most sacred trail runs; Tsankawi at White Rock, NM.  Broken bones never slow down a genuine Warrior/ess…bones are our most dense spiritual matter. big karma involved which means; BIG OPPORTUNITY TO RISE HIGHER IN OUR SPIRITUAL EVOLUTION!!!
Bones represent our most highly concentrated densities of spiritual matter in our present human incarnation.  Each joint?  Represents intersections of consciousness garnered fr(om) lifetimes.
How we present our articulations (posture) and how consciously we animate them (breath) is yet another exquisite real-ization why Conscious Breath And Posture is Wholistic Fitness® Lifestyle Principle #1.
In case you have not heard, i helped break my precious daughters’ right radius because after shreddin’ some super sweet local singletrack with her,  i ignored the Small, Still Voice within my Intuitive Wisdom to just bring it home and call our sesh go(o)d.
Feeble ilg was so captivated by our shared Enlightenment on the single track that precious Thursday three week whence?  Here is what came out of your ‘teachers’ mouth, “Baby Girl?  if you promise to dismount any switchback that doesn’t feel safe to you?  We can climb up 8-Bells and ride single track all the way home!”
Of course, she agreed.
On the 4th of the 8 switchbacks (thus; 8-Bells)?  D cornered a bit too wide on a 15% gradient, her pony (mountain bike), reared up, she shot me a frantic look as her pony came back on her.
D fell backward on the steep slope attempting to mitigate the physics by jetting her left hand out behind her as she screamed…
Her pony, named “Spirit” a newly purchased 26″ Jamis – fell on top of her.
“DADDY!?!?!  AM I GOING TO BE OKAY!??!” she cried out to me as tears of pain and confusion began to lace her precious face…
what ensued was a long walk out punctured by my girl’s cries of pain,  Dewa riding in a car driving by the dad of her best friend home wh(om) appeared at the trailhead at just the needed instant (insert; ANGEL!!!), a deeply nurturing 2-hour window of ice, love, mantra, and a lot of daddy-hugging…
then, the discoloration set in and i knew it was more than a sprain.
hard call to m(om):  Amma?  There’s been an incident.  We need to take D to the ER.
don’t know if you know of D’s history…yet?  the ER is not the first time for D.
long story of endlessly precious, poignant, and deep spiritual sting for me?
16-hours after breaking her arm?
Dewa made sure the SHOW MUST GO ON as she kept her Lead Role as a Native American Princess in her
Shared School play….
Warrior/ess UP!
In-jury’s keep us spiritually fit as few other Teachings can…
Know this.
And, embrace In-Jury!


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