ilg may be small,yet?
ilg is fierce…
kinda like a Giant Killer…
sign ilg up! 
Interviewer after my victory:
“Coach ilg;  you are an icon of 4-corner multi-sport fitness at age 55…what does it feel like to get another Overall Win 10 years later at this same race?” 
“Honestly?  as a yogi?  Mountain Duathlon to ilg is nothing but another vinyasa, a steady flow of yoga postures (asana). and the first thing my first  Asana Teacher taught me? 
‘Make the asana steady and firm, concentrate on the Ishta (your personal Connection to the Divine Force) and continue doing so.’
Simpleton Ilg?
That’s what ilg has been doing all these decades, across all these podiums, across all these sports…
make the posture firm and concentrate on the Ishta…
it’s that simple…
that difficult.
Most will go awry.”
above pic by Sandra Lee, Pagosa Mountain Duathlon awards ceremony
blow by blow…
this duathlon is a run into a MTB Race.
both techy.
yet both allow non-techy sections which ilg – being a wholistic advocate LOVES!
helped create this race
way back when
makes it all the more special.
last year?
both Dewa (then 8)
and i finished on the last spot of the podium.
this year?
Dewa was unable to race due to heel blisters.
i know.
my tactics:
1) be not more than a minute or so behind the first runner at the transition into the Mountain Bike.
2) be super light and agile over the countless rock gardens that barred the Mountain Bike course
3) save GAS for the final less technical uphill gravel grind into less techy single track into the final uphill gravel grind to finish
every now and then?
tactics actually play out perfectly and on Saturday?
was such a day!
during the run i was able to maintain a 23-minute or so 5k pace on techy singletrack into a full blown gravel grind uphill to the mountain bike transition…
it proved a wonderful BattleDance…one young kid (a Pair who i did not care about) took off,  but 30 -seconds after him,  me and another kid of a pair (again, did not care about) then,  Reed fr(om) nearby Creede, Colorado…kinda looked close to my age and was able to hang in with our running chase group averaging 7-minute miles through techy, rolling singletrack….
here is a pic of us three charging toward the Mountain Bike Transition at the end of the run:
ilg LOVES having much younger and as well?  my own age groups to Battle…makes my life more interesting, and inspired!
going into the Mountain Bike segment,  knew from prior experience that the first few miles were very techy, twisting, and front loaded with tons of rock gardens…if ilg did not carry my pony (my Mountain Bike – whose name is Tøk – lightly reined over these rock gardens,  a puncture was very easily ascertained.   so…into the first mile of the MTB Course  i passed the two runners who beat me into the transition…yet,  immediately i knew the guy (pictured in 3rd place above) was a better descender on the mountain bike than feeble ilg…so, i stayed in front of him as long as possible then allowed him to pass.  Knowing there was a non-technical, gravel road section of over a mile coming up?   i was confident that i could press my history of road racing into him and pass him.
another guy came up behind me going waaaay faster than me on the technical sections…i could hear his braking,  his wheel line…literally!   i could only stay in front of him for so long until he called out for me to allow him to pass which i did…i just fervently hoped i could catch him back on the non-tech gravel grind uphill climbs forthcoming…intuitively i sensed he was no a solo rider…so,  allowed him some rein…fortunately? Intuition proved true…
so, at this point the Overall Solo Win was between me and Rob (from Creede)…i knew already he was faster than me on the techy descents,  yet?  his body posture and pedal cadence told me i could take him on the non-tech gravel grind uphill..and sure enough…
when both of us popped out from the techy singletrack onto the gravel uphill grind?

ilg saw his too upright posture…
ilg sawa his too slow pedal cadence…
ilg said to ilgself:  “Yup,  i’m going soooo reel in this guy and pass him…this race is MINE!”
when such thoughts – borne from the confidence of training – occur to an endurance athlete?
it’s as good as gold!
sure ’nuff ilg passed him hard well before the entry into the final singletrack section and just hammered hard keeping my heart rate at high Zone 3…i KNEW if i could put even 30-seconds into him before hitting the gravel section leading up to the finish, i’d have him.   besides,  even if he DID bridge to ilg?   my former years of being a Alexander Valverde like punchy climber who can sprint at the end would serve me well…
listen to it:
end of story:
your feeble teacher of nothing put over a minute into my only chaser over the final 3 miles and held it to earn the big solo V!
and yup?
he was quite a bit younger than ilg…
go on living the Wholistic Fitness® Path however she presents herself to you…
she has been a pioneering and proven Path toward the HIGHEST and most WHOLES(OM)ENESS…since uh,
why not plunge into Online Studies and see what the Path might provide for YOU?!
Aheéheé for reading~!

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