Steve Ilg Yoga Class 6-4-2018 email 23


Student Quote Of The Week;

“OMG!   Your class was like the BEST YOGA CLASS i’ve EVER TAKEN!  Okay, so, like, I live in Boulder, well, Denver actually, they’re pretty much the same, have you ever been to Boulder? Anyway,  I’ve taken a LOT of yoga flow classes in Denver, oh, and yeah, in Boulder of course, but YOU KICKED MY BUTT tonight!  I’m moving to Durango in October, and I really thought I’d have to give up good yoga classes when I moved here…but, OMG, You Are AMAZING!  Do you do privates?!”    – Morgan, born 1990


Durango sure has changed since ilg was a kid here, cavorting upon Horse or Dirt Motorbike among the trails that are now nationally known MTB singletrack.

tonight, in ilg’s feeble, mostly unknown Warrior/ess Cave beneath DibéNitsaá,  we cranked a Slow Flow in our packed Cave that sent one New Student running for her comfort-zone life outta the Cave.

ilg registers the effectiveness of my classes by two polar borders;

a) how many ‘yogis’ left ilg’s Cave (they are NOT fr(om) our Warrior/ess Tribe…Go(o)d Luck!)


b) how many yogis spent a part of Shavasana crying

b) was a LOT easier to c(om)e by in the early 80’s and even through the 90’s.   not so much any more.

during ilg’s Meditation Class after my Yoga Class?  we Sat With and studied the final of our Five Elements:  Ether.

ilg spoke and Taught and Transmitted the Teachings of how Ether carries the Prana and we nailed a deep insight into that relationship before ilg guided a Pranic Building Meditation…

all of us were quite very HIGH afterward…

not back for a Rec Center Yoga and Meditation Class offering…

it’s what turns ilg on;

to give BACK without $-Attachment to the c(om)munity within which ilg grew up in and am raising a precious Rinpoche Daughter.


each Monday Night:  ilgs yoga into meditation.

without Attachment.

just Practice…

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