okay…so maybe it’s a mid-life crisis…
maybe ilg is just REALLY trying to express to my precious students that i am again willing to walk my talk about ‘challenging our weakness’s, not our strengths…

or maybe? i’ve just lost it, c(om)pletely!

whatever it is? ilg is going to Toe The Start Line of my most challenging event since my free-soloing rock climbing exploits in the early ’80’s; i’m going to SOLO the Pagosa Springs Winter Quadrathlon which means, yes, i’ve got to SWIM .5k!

see, the thing is? i don’t know how to swim.

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pic; ilg winning the World’s Highest Nordic Biathlon, earlier this season near the top of the Continental Divide on Wolf Creek Pass, elevation around 10,300′. come join me this weekend for Winterfest very near this same, sacred place!

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Conscious Parenting to me means getting out as often as possible and BEING with your Chi-ld(ren) because, well… the best things in life, aren’t “things” at all.. pic of Dewachen Ilg (6) crushing it at my Winter Warrior 10k snowshoe race last Saturday enroute to her 4th consecutive Kids Title…this pic and many more GREAT shots from […]

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(All Access) Thank You Letter To Chama, New Mexico

Note to readers,
it is Tradition within the Wholistic Fitness® Path to always recognize publicly the Noble Efforts of those who produce the altars upon whose terrain we spill our sweat…this is an actual excerpt i recently wrote to the Rio Grande Sun, a small newspaper covering the remote northern New Mexico area wherein many secret, sacred spaces vibrate…

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Screen Shot 2014-01-21 at 9.00.47 PM

As i drilled the descent through the Stadium for Lap Two, Clay had 20 seconds on me…by the end? Well, i ‘thought i had time,” to make up the snow-covered real estate on Lap 2 to bridge up to him and challenge him for a sprint finish yet that turned out to be fantasy against such a veteran champion like Clay.

Same thing in spiritual training; we THINK we have more years ahead of us to meditate, to begin to formulate and fortify the filaments of consciousness which propel us into our next incarnation ‘when we have more time,” yet? that is a fallacy. there is no more time coming…we could each die tomorrow and the volume and intensity of our Meditation Efforts accumulated into the one mOMent of our passing into The Next is precisely what sets the astral stage for our Bardo Race toward Enlightenment….

you ready?


to Go?!??!

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Still the King…kinda…of Chama Ski Classic; Feb. 11-12, 2014

• Overall Winner; 7.5k Freestyle
• Silver Medalist; King of Mountain Competition (10k Classic into 5k Snowshoe)
• 2nd Place Overall; 10k Classic
• 1st place AG; 10k Classic
• 3rd Place AG; 5k Snowshoe

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Motivated Mind, Race Mind…the spiritual implications of Start Lines

C(om)mitment to an effort is a hard thing for many to accept. It is easier to just go skiing or snowshoeing than it is to train for skiing and snowshoeing. Then again, it’s easier to just eat a Snickers bar than to will oneself not to. Easier to just get drunk and forget problems than to stand sober to their challenge. For those who have touched bliss through the discipline of training there is no longer a question of “easier” or “harder.” There is only the Path Higher. For those who battle against mainstream mediocrity born from an addiction to comfort and duality a sagacious fulfillment of a much Higher sort is realized. It is..

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i had ‘That Feeling’ which athletes s(om)etimes get on Race Day…

it’s a feeling that…

well, even if we don’t gain the podium?

we’re gonna extract some deep down suffering from the cells of our competitors…

today, with a 4 week-old knee MCL injury that sends most scrambling to surgery …today? ilg Felt It and It was SPECTACULAR!

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