HP Yoga® campus at the eco-award winning Smiley Building…i took this irresistible shot of the La Plata’s in the m(om)ent before walking into laying down another awesome HP PROP WORKOUT®…though i grew up beneath these mountains?   They seem to vibrate even more meaningfully to me now that i’ve spread my own father’s ashes among these peaks...Om Mani Padme Hung


the more we dwindle the person inside the “I” the less the personal ‘problems’ which arise…

that’s why we meditate in this Tribe,

that’s why we do HP Yoga™…

that’s why we cherish the Sacred Sweat in multi-disciplined Ways…

Aspen Beings expressing their unequaled death haiku, outside the HP Yoga® studio…may feeble ilg even come within a fraction of their exquisite Bardo Entry when my time c(om)es…


are you swooning yet?

if not?

why not?

are the simple, most beautiful miracles of the near, natural world not ‘enough’ for your iPadded  and “Smart Phone*” brain these days?

“The time has come for a respect,

a reverence, not just for all human

beings, but for all life forms – as we

would have respect for a masterpiece of

sculpture or an exquisitely tooled machine.”

– Carl Sagan

The Cosmic Connection

This morning, after getting the hole shot on the Dalla Mountain free firewood offering and bringing home about 3 weeks worth of free firewood, and chain sawing the Ponderosa, Cedar, and Gambel Oak Beings to the tune of the incessant Sacred Tribal Mantra,   i came inside and took dictation from Dewachen as she was getting herself her own hole shot;  for Christmas.  Here is her letter to “Yogi Santa”;

“Dear Santa,

This {is} Dewa.  Santa, I want some presents, please. I want a new Dora® water bottle and some candy canes, okay?   And Rosie-The-Engine {From the Thomas-The-Train Collection}.   Oh, and I want a mountain.  A wonderful, waterfall mountain and maybe – no, not maybe – a Sun and a Moon.  And a Tree and a Stop Sign.  And maybe sometime, you could help us stay in a fancy hotel room and maybe we could live in it.



Om Mani Padme Hung, Om Mani Padme Hung, Om Mani Padme Hung…ilg recites each time ilg enters the Zendo as ‘my’ hand slaps the Dharma Wheel…


after a morning of chopping wood, cranking Mantra,  i had to lower the testosterone inherent to operating such things as chain saws, 8lb Colton Splitting Axes, sledges and a half-cord of wild wood to soften into being a bodyworker…so, into the Zendo i went and the subsequent transformation from Yang to Yin  (get this straight Tribe;  it’s pronounced; “YAWHNG-YWEEEN” which is NOT how the talking heads say it…which is quite disrespectful to the Ancient Enlightened Ones,  however, what else is new in Kali Yuga, eh?).

What most don’t know?

Is that it requires about an hour of my time for spiritually preparing and then cleansing after just one of my bodywork sessions…

oh, if this table could talk…yet,  ilg will never share the sacred stillness m(om)ents i’ve had with the celebrities and athletes and industry folk which have taken breath beneath my hands on this table…


ilg does not advertise or market my Healing Body/Energywork…for a true bodyworker is but an empty pulsating vehicle between physiological processes that have been derailed from another beings’ higher functions and aims…between a mental sphere that has forgotten and/or has forsaken its intuitive wisdom, harmonious control, and somatic poetry.  ilg’s touching hands (and sometimes feet) is naught but an administration of divinely guided faciliation toward my client’s self-awareness.

“Never, ever have I felt a massage like what I feel from beneath your hands,” said my national-class cyclist today.  i looked at her and replied,  “Thank you.  That is truly my paycheck, today.” The only aid over the long-term is not about quick chiropractic ‘adjustments’ or needles, or anything else save for a TON OF LOVE and clarity recollected from a Healer’s own degree of solo practice and Lineage Transmission.

head bowed in Service Higher,

your feeble ilg

*  nothing made so far, has made more Human Beings more dumb than a “Smart Phone”…no, ilg does not have a Smart Phone…and my toes are cringing as it becomes more and more difficult to stay away from such Posture and Breath destroying aliens as Smart Phones…

2 Responses to “This M(om)ent; “I want a mountain…a wonderful, waterfall mountain…” Dewa’s Santa List and other hole shots from the Shambala of the San Juans”

  1. Brad Gantt says:

    EC, what does it say of me that I read these beautiful words on my iPhone?

    head bowed,


  2. coach says:

    iPhones are toxic. must be used Medicinally…like any toxic herb; they can help, however, they must not be consumed in large amounts….like walls and blocks and things in asana; such things must be used with great and ongoing discrimination….and every now and then, with the non-Dominant hand! 😉

    head bowed,

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