Sit quietly. From the depths of your heart, invoke in the sky in front of you the embodiment of the truth in the person of your master, a saint, or an enlightened being.

Try to visualize the master or buddha as alive and as radiant and translucent as a rainbow.

If you have difficulty visualizing the master, imagine the embodiment of truth simply as light, or try to feel his or her perfect presence there in the sky before you. Let all the inspiration, joy, and awe you then feel take the place of visualization. My master Dudjom Rinpoche used to say that it does not matter if you cannot visualize; what is more important is to feel the presence in your heart, and to know that this presence embodies the blessings, compassion, energy, and wisdom of all the buddhas.

With deep devotion, merge your mind with the master’s, then rest your mind in his or her wisdom mind.

– Sogyal Rinpoche


pic by ilg:   Dewa sitting quietly, from the depth of her heart…m(om)ents before i luge start her screaming, laughing high speed sledding descent…the fact that Dewa still LOVES and CRAVES sledding after her brain-injuring sledding incident three years ago is just huge for Joy and i…may we ALL face our Dragons with as much veracity as D!    location:  just off the Little Molas Lake turnout on the north side of Molas Pass, elevation tickling 11,000′.  i do my best to get D way up high in these pranic ethers as often as possible for her cellular/pranic body’s health.    

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