pic by ilg; the Precious Rinpoché Dewachen, at 11,578′ today,  saying before this pic, “SERIOUSLY DADDY!?!?  You are taking ANOTHER PICTURE when we COULD be SKIING!?!??!” 
27656968_10215243349501460_7853904165073702417_npic by ilg :   Dewa KILLIN’ another finish to another Black Diamond cuz, well?  (Black) Diamonds are a (Colorado) Girl’s Best Friend!   working on squaring our shoulders to the fall line here…


Chairlift Daddy/Daughter Dharma today…
“Yes, my Love?”
“How bad is it to tell a lie, really? Even a White Lie?”
“Baby Girl?”
“What Dad?”
“… ultimately? There are no rights and wrongs…only consequences – karmic and otherwise – to our choices.”

{sound of her skis clicking together, 60’ above the Sacred Snows}

“Dad? thanks… I get It. I love you, Daddy!”

“ I know you get It, Baby Girl… I love you…”

{insert Chairlift cuddle time}

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