Student Quote Of The Week:
Coach, I am hardly worthy to bow to your wisdom, knowledge and energy, but I do so. Decades ago, I was a member of your Tribe and would join again, if permitted to do so.
I remember reading your first book and it totally blew me away. I was never a rock jock, but I read Climbing and Rock&Ice Magazine and not long after your first book was out, the AAC had their annual meeting in Atlanta and I drove down from Kentucky for the conference. I was stoked to see you there. As I recall, Stacy Allison spoke after her first American female summit of Everest.
I am going to your store and order your Blessed Mala Beads. I hope you can bless the beads. I am almost 71 and need to reinvent myself health-wise this year or give up. I have just reread The Outdoor Athlete (my second copy) and
will now start to reread Total Body Transformation
and the Winter Athlete.
When you are ready, I will be ready.
Student John Prather
Seeking the Power of the Pattern
John Prather

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