Don’t Be In Too Much Of A Hurry…

So, up those seemingly endless, sky-high, snow-surrounded mountain passes, i cultivated the Witness Within. i practiced watching my effort -detached – without form watching the formfull. Basically? ilg just ‘watched ilg pedal up the mountain.’ This ‘witnessing’ technique is an ancient spiritual warrior tool for transforming suffering into mere effort. Suffering has emotional baggage, however pure Effort is Suffering without the emotional baggage.

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Conscious Parenting…
1) Let Go Of Everything (you want)
2) Drop Into Everything (she wants)
3) Know that you are burning off selfish Karma by losing money, losing sense of (egoic) self, losing your mind, losing every-thing, while gaining that which is most imperative: another Soul’s nurturing by your devoted Presence…no matter what…

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It’s only a minute…and might? just Change your Day…perhaps your Week…perhaps your entire Karma if you Get The Wisdom of a Chi-ld Warrior….and then choose to Live The Teachings thus imparted….

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Dewa’s First Day Bowling…and the Dharma rolls a perfect score…

Any being who aspires to Rise Higher…
and stays steadfast, determined, and focused
shall attain the siddhis..the yogic powers which bring individuated inSight
calibrated by the Divine
to keep our Awakening and our Enlightenment potentiation on track…

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“But Daaaaady…I NEED to take a picture of the Full Worm Moon, too you know…puh LEASE!!!?!”

i glanced at Amma in the short-handed visual eye communication which new parents use to circumvent the treasured milliseconds which are needed to make critical decisions ranging in everything from allowing our chi-ld to interrupt mealtime to take a picture of a beautiful moonrise to whether or not we should buy a new car (true story)…

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Conscious Parenting:  Are You Being Threatened To Vaccinate Your Precious Chi-ld?   Fight Fire With Fire…this will back ’em down…

Being threatened to vaccinate your child? Besides being a cOMplete lack of Divine Faith, succumbing your chi-ld to the pressures of vaccination rips through the physiologic vulnerability of your chi-ld’s cells (which parents are supposed to protect) causing a rampage of endocrine, immune, and God knows what other wholesale manslaughter upon the psycho/spiritual Level.

Even in the hippie-influenced, progressive, and open-minded bubbles like Flagstaff and Durango where our still-unvaccinated and surreally-healthly Dewa has spent her 4 years thus far, Ananda and i can only imagine what it must be like for some of you Conscious Parents when you want to take a stand and stop the insane influx of multiple toxic chemicals and their karmic/samskaric reverberations shot into your Precious, Pure and Wholistically Healthy infant and toddler and pre-schooler…

So, take a look at this…

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Dewa Dharma;  Ganesha and overcoming “Obstickles”…

“Daddy? I’m Ganesha…”

“You are?”

“Yes, because Ganesha removes ‘obstickles’ and he lives inside my heart.”

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Less than a month ago…the Plastic Surgeon said it would require several weeks of dubious recovery to see if Dewa’s lip and mouth would structurally heal correctly after her sledding incident……within one week of WF Nutrition? Dewa’s lip and mouth self healed at Godspeed (aka; The Speed of Enlightenment). we crushed up the MAP Amino Acids for her, she suckled at SUNRIDER’s Sunbars, and we doused her lip/mouth and skull with the Sacred Water of Asea…

…and today…even with significant psycho/spiritual trauma?

Dewa and i skied from Top To Bottom, Chapman Ski Hill without falling…

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