Screen Shot 2014-10-27 at 8.04.45 PM Personal Records are meant to be broken… took me 16 years to rebreak this one this morning… maybe when i’m … uh… 68, i’ll rebreak this one…dare thee doubt me?  😉 Screen Shot 2014-10-27 at 8.05.05 PM numbers don’t lie;  this morning i averaged 8.8mph on my 3 decade-old uphill, mountain bike time trail workout which begins outside my front door, climbs nearly 4,000′ to nearly 10,000′ in 14.52 miles.   i’ve been doing this workout 2x per week (yes, twice per week) since October 1.  i have to make my legs, lungs, and mind harden more harder than a diamond if i am to come anywhere close to matching my last winter racing results…such conviction keeps ilg young…how about you?  what is YOUR conviction?

Chakral Field Harvest/Happy!

These are my happy times, when the Aspens can no longer whisper their cheers to me… when, lower,  the harvest begins to wane and the Bear Beings begin etching their long nocturnal nap beds…. when I force myself time and again to my lonely walk and work to the utmost upon this aging body of mine… There is warmth in the valleys Moab was 83 degrees this weekend,  i know..i was there..with Dewa… we went there seeking warmth from the frosted nights…to watch the Pumpkin Chuckin’, to give summer a fleeting chance at our cells…to let D run barefoot beneath cathedral sandstone arches (see my personal FB page for the vid)…to just drop into the precious Being who chose to c(om)e through me (and Joy)…wow… Yet, for those of us who wander upward,  these seasonal rays from Granddad fall tepid upon my fading bronzed skin…i find myself lurking within the Attachment to my tanned hide – as if it mattered. I sweat upon the land the land that will forever love me, I glance at my thighs pumping like pistons up this monolith which requires my Hardest Fought and Highest Concentration Through Pain for 90 minutes….90-miniutes within which each second, yes, second… must be cut and scraped from my thankfully still strong soul…and in so doing?  Elevates my soul up and into the west here comes another Amitabha Buddha Blessing….

“bright orange red, rich like no other, fused in the depth of my memory, deep like love in beauty without end. These are my happy times…” writes my Teacher Mirabal

love you all! Never forget the Highest kind of praying is the one which requires SWEAT THROUGH THE SOUL and finds rapport with the myriad blessings of Mother Earth and Father Sky… be kind, be even-minded through It All.. ilg knows, trust me…i’m trying too, alongside you… {   }    

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