A(nother) indelible Daddy/Daughter Warrior(ess) karmic/samskaric m(om)ent captured in squence by Sandra Lee…yesterday at the infamous and now 40th running of the Kendall Mountain Race!  been racing this esteemed hallowed race since ilg was a kid,  and yesterday?  my own kid helped my lame ass to the finish line and inflamed her OWN desire to race this crazy test of human physical and spiritual tenacity…

Screenshot 2017-07-23 21.11.23

That M(om)ent when your daughter has been waiting for 2.5 hours to see you at the 1/2 mile point from the end of a half marathon that summits a 13,066′ mountain peak with 3,748′ in vert in 6 miles…Dewa sees and senses the amount of time her Daddy has been in the Pain Cave…


Screenshot 2017-07-23 21.12.37


That M(om)ent when your daughter bolts from being a spectator just cheering for her Daddy and rushes onto the Race Course (in her ROSS boots i just bought her for SCHOOL) and says, “DADDY! you CAN DO IT!!! I’M RUNNING WITH YOU TO THE FINISH!”



Screenshot 2017-07-23 21.14.01


That M(om)ent when i receive my Daughters hand in my own temporarily puffy (due to below-heart-level-volume-of-time-spent-at-high-alititude) hand and hearing Dewa’s voice, “Daddy, c’MON…you CAN DO IT! THE FINISH LINE IS ONLY TWO TIMES AROUND THE TRACK FURTHER! I LOVE YOU SOOOOOO MUCH DADDY! C’MON!”


Screenshot 2017-07-23 21.14.32

That M(om)ent when you are c(om)pletely gassed, empty, voided by the Pain Cave then, this Miraculous Energy known as your Daughter transforms in an instant the Time/Space/Pain Continuum and will not leave you until we cross the Finish Line hand-in-hand to what turned out to be a 2nd place AG Podium Finish…
kidz these days..




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