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Well kids, your feeble ilg finished 2nd Overall in the Twilight Series/SnowMaster category tonight. This 3-week BattleDance raged over crazy courses using the Wintersports of Snowshoeing, Fat Tire Cycling, and tonight’s Nordic Skiing. Kudo’s to Twilight Series Winner; Shaun! though ilg slayed Shaun tonight in the Nordic Ski (ask him, he’ll admit!), ’twas not enough cuz in the end? ilg lost the Overall Series Win by a super narrow margin (1-placement). on this Knight of nights however? ilg is super stoked that my 3-decade younger SnowMaster get’s the Title! Well Deserved! …a TON of FOCUSED FUN! PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE mark your calendars next year for the Twilight Series which supports the Durango Nordic Club!

gotta shout out tho; ilg’s most memorable m(om)ent was not finishing 2nd Overall in a tough 3-week Race Series… it was tele-skiing on my h(om)etown ski hill with my daughter before the race… THAT is what It is ALL about for us 55 year-young-outdoor-athlete-fathers-of-ten-year-old’s! WHOSE WITH ILG ON THIS!?! (probably not many, and? that’s what makes tonight even MORE Sacred!)

Next up? Yup, it ain’t over!!!
The BattleDance continues next Wednesday night with the full-throttle: Snowdown Triathlon! ALL the above EVENTS in ONE NIGHT OF A MAJOR THROW DOWN! Twilight Series Champion Shaun? ol’ feeble ilg is looking at YOU!

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